Foundation that made Corolla world’s most popular car -GCFRNG

Foundation that made Corolla world’s most popular car -GCFRNG

SINCE its inception 55 years ago, the Toyota Corolla was designed to be a great car given the background of the designers and the Toyota family.

It was in November 1966 that development was led by then-chief engineer Tatsuo Hasegawa, a former aircraft designer who wanted to create a compact car that offered everything you want in a car.

So the goal was to use the experience to create a car that offers comfort, safety and performance in a very quiet and sporty cabin. The Toyota team achieved and surpassed the goal. Therefore, every Corolla model that hits the showroom since 1966 has been a success story.

Toyota has sold more than 50 million Corolla cars on the world’s continents, a record that no other automaker has dared to break. This crowned the Corolla as the most popular nameplate in the world.

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In 2020 alone, despite the devastating effects of the Corona virus, Toyota sold more than 1.1 million cars in more than 150 countries, showing that a Corolla was sold in every 28 seconds – what a record!

As the world’s car that it is, the Corolla is produced in no less than a dozen plants around the world. Designed to succeed from the ground up, the Corolla reflects its name in every way. The word Corolla refers to the ring of petals around a flower, which is considered the most beautiful part of the flower.

The name was intended to evoke the image of a high-quality, attractive and beautifully designed compact car, and is regarded as an aspirational car in some markets.

The Corolla has been designed in many variants including saloon, hatchback, station wagon, and as required by the market. It has come in two-door, four-door and five-door and none have failed in any market.

The engine variants have grown from 1.1 to 1.8 liters, making the Corolla one of the most improved cars of all time. With its track record of reach, the Corolla Export started almost immediately after its launch in Japan.

Australia was the first to get the first export shipment of the Corolla and this was later followed by local production of the car in 1968, which was Toyota’s first factory outside of Japan.

In Nigeria, the Corolla has won more awards than any other car. Its continuous improvement has made it the top winner of the revered Nigeria Auto Journalists award and several others. Corolla competes with the Honda Civic, Kia Cerato, and Hyundai Elantra.

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