Five steps to save your marriage -GCFRNG

Five steps to save your marriage -GCFRNG

According to Andy, a relationship counselor, these five steps are helpful when you want to save a troubled marriage:

When you’re in a hole, stop digging. Under pressure, we tend to try the same failed strategy over and over again. Even though we know how to push for an answer; getting angry or staying silent doesn’t work, we imagine doing it one more time (but bigger, louder or much more) will change things. It will not.

Stop playing tit for tat. He does something horrible and you match him. It soon turns into a race to the bottom.

Just for a second, put your feelings aside and put yourself in your partner’s shoes.

What does your relationship look like now and what would you like to do differently?

Apologize fully. This is different from asking for forgiveness. First acknowledge any behavior you regret; Next, identify how this might have made you feel, and then apologize. Please don’t explain why you acted the way you did, that’s for another day, because it may seem like an excuse and lessen the power of your apology.

Be the greatest. If you love your husband, and if not, why do you spend hours talking about him with your friends, do you love him enough to give without any expectation (in the short term) of receiving something in return?

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Five steps to save your marriage -GCFRNG

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