FG to move teachers retirement age to 65 — Osinbajo -GCFRNG

FG to move teachers retirement age to 65 — Osinbajo -GCFRNG

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says efforts are underway to raise the retirement age of teachers in the Nigerian public service from 60 to 65.

Osinbajo revealed this on Tuesday while presenting at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Oluwabunmi Anani, Maltina Teacher of the Year, Winner 2020, as part of the celebration of World Teachers’ Day 2021.

Anani was accompanied on the visit to the Presidential Village by Uzodinma Odenigbo, Head of Public and Government Affairs, Nigerian Breweries Limited (NBL).

The vice president said there were also movements to employ teachers in the public service from level 8 versus level 7.

“So, I think it’s also important to reward teachers; The Federal Government, for its part, has been working a little to try to improve the situation of teachers.

“For example, there is a policy now, although there is still no law; is still in the National Assembly on changing the retirement age of teachers in public service from 60 to 65 years.

“That is five additional years; then also looking at their compensation.

“I think one of the questions that have arisen is when does the teacher enter the public service; In the past, they used to reach Level 7, which is not the level a graduate would reach.

“Part of the policy is that they must enter Level 8; but of course this has to go through several processes and all that. “

Osinbajo said that President Muhammadu Buhari had shown tremendous concern for teachers and how to improve the situation for teachers.

He said that the states had a role to play, as issues of primary and secondary education were essentially the function of the states.

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“So again, just to say that it is a great honor and pleasure to meet with you and congratulate you on your service now for almost an entire year as Maltina Teacher of the Year.

“To say that I hope and pray that you will do even more, achieve even more, achieve even more, and don’t be discouraged.

“You will not be distracted and God will help you as you help so many others.”

Previously, Anani said that she served the Government Girls’ Junior High School, Yola, Adamawa, as a member of the youth corps.

She said that afterward, she got a job at Concordia College, Yola, in 2013.

Anani said that as an English teacher, she had prepared students who performed excellently on exams over the years.

On her side, Uzodinma told the vice president that Anani’s students benefited under the award as NBL built a block of six classrooms at the school.

Moreso, the vice president was celebrated as a great teacher for 40 years by some alumni of the University of Lagos (UNILAG) to whom he taught Law of Evidence in a period from 1981 to 2021.

In a video, the vice president’s alumni spoke one after another about Osinbajo’s teaching prowess and how she impacted them as a law professor.

Osinbajo was moved by the gesture of his former students and said that teaching was something he did without effort because of his passion.

“I certainly didn’t expect to be celebrated this way; in fact, I didn’t even realize until this point that I’m actually 40 years old as a teacher.

“Yesterday, when I was making a video for Teacher’s Day, I said, well, I must be close to 40 years old; I didn’t realize that 40 years had passed since I started teaching.

“But, I am deeply grateful to all of you for your kind words; your very generous comments about me, about my humble effort to convey information to you.

“I was talking to Anani, who is the Maltina Teacher of the Year, 2020 Winner, that a lot of teaching is a calling and that the passion that one shows and all that, is really deep and I discovered that as a teacher, it was not a task at all; It wasn’t difficult for me, ” he said.

The vice president said that he could spend many hours teaching or talking with his students because he enjoyed it so much.

Osinbajo thanked them for the gesture and prayed that they were also celebrated by all those who made an impact.

Among the Vice President’s alumni who celebrated it were House Deputy Chief of Staff Ade Ipaye and Chiedu Ugbo, Managing Director of Niger Delta Power Holding Company.

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