Felabration ends with ‘Fearless’ posthumous award to ‘Abami Eda’ -GCFRNG

Felabration ends with ‘Fearless’ posthumous award to ‘Abami Eda’ -GCFRNG

All Nigerians, except the perpetrators of evil and those who support them, are fed up with the state of the country. This was manifested in the hunger for pure entertainment display at the just-concluded annual music and arts event, Felabration.

The new Afrika Shrine Ikeja, Lagos, venue for the show was packed to the brim, with people spanning age, status, culture, tribe and race, arriving before 6pm, the scheduled time for the start of the grand finale last Sunday. .

Held in honor of the late Afrobeat King of Nigeria, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (Abami Eda), the Felabration 2021 theme, “Viva Nigeria Viva Africa”, was sponsored by the energy drink Fearless, Rite Foods’ premium brand.

The annual week-long music and arts festival with a series of captivating activities, which takes place October 11-17, 2021.

Founded in 1998 by the eldest daughter of the legend, Yeni Anikulapo-Kuti in celebration of her father’s life and times, Felabration 2021 recorded great success despite the difficult times Nigerians have been subjected to by the bad government.

The festival ended in a big way, with a posthumous Fearless African Man award for the Fearless energy drink. The posthumous award to Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, as Africa’s premier talent with positive energy, a creative genius, intentionally different, and a brand of premium quality that resonates throughout the Fearless Energy brand value chain, was proof that Fela He remains an important personality in Africa as well as around the world due to his legacy in the music space and, as an activist.

Fela was a fearless man; in ideas, performance, courage and leadership, as well as a megastar whose style of music continues to influence talents around the world.

Designed with an aesthetic touch, the award portrays what the music icon represented; a fearless political activist whose main goal was to ensure a better Nigeria.

Fela offered a fearless serenade to his fans with songs such as “Suffering and smile”, “Pain, tears and blood” and “Unknown soldier” as a form of political resistance against the oppressive and dictatorial government. There are also songs against inhumane acts against Africans such as “Colonial Mentality”, “Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense”, “Mr. Follow Follow”, among others. Through this music, he created a cultural crossroads with which other parts of the world could connect, against tyranny, for a better society.

“The late Fela deserves an honor for the impact he had on the music industry, having fought for a good cause for people through his songs,” began Seleem Adegunwa, CEO of Rite Foods, during the delivery of the award to Fela.

He noted that the music legend resonates with what Fearless stands for, positive energy, courage, leadership and the spirit of being able to do that comes with Fela’s creativity and leadership quality, his quest for a better Nigeria and Africa in general.

Presenting the award to a standing ovation and thunderous applause to Felabration Founder Yeni Anikulapo-Kuti and Kunle Anikulapo-Kuti, Rite Foods Brand Manager, Boluwatife Adedugbe, said the posthumous Fearless award signifies the importance given to the life and times of the Afrobeat megastar. He claimed that the outstanding performance of the music legend that impacted Nigeria and Africa could not go unnoticed, hence the “Fearless” recognition award.

Upon receiving the award, Yeni, who was delighted with the attractive symbol that signified her father’s greatness in his musical genre and his giant step to achieve social change through it, expressed her appreciation for the important recognition of her efforts. father, and emphasized that the award was the best thing that has happened since the beginning of the Felabration.

“This award is significant because it is from a leading brand that has been promoting human and economic development, especially in the entertainment industry, which is a thriving sector of the Nigerian economy,” she said.

Additionally, she praised the award sponsor for also refreshing event participants with their top-notch Fearless energy brands. Similarly, Femi Anikulapo-Kuti, Fela’s eldest son, an Afrobeat musician, praised “Rite Foods’ energy drink brand Fearless for sponsoring this year’s Felabration as the talented artists were full of energy; a condition that manifested itself in the electrifying performances they performed in the event’s musical shows.

While future singers owned the stage at the start of the entertaining party anchored by one of Nigeria’s best comedians, Olufemi Fagade, popularly known as Omo baba, the mother of all performances in the grand finale, was arranged by the star of the music, D’Banj. She brought down the roof with one of her hit songs, “Top of the World,” which engaged her audience in a demonstration of diverse and brilliant dance moves.

Other exciting activities included an arts contest, an African American dance contest, a debate in schools with the theme “Covid 19 is a blessing” and a symposium on the theme “The evolution or return of the national question”, with Femi Falana (SAN), as moderator. /President.

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Felabration ends with ‘Fearless’ posthumous award to ‘Abami Eda’ -GCFRNG

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