Enugu Govt Commences Training Of 600 Women, Youths in Software IT Infusion Programme -GCFRNG

Enugu Govt Commences Training Of 600 Women, Youths in Software IT Infusion Programme -GCFRNG

The information technology training program, known as “The Arise Women and Blow-my-mind Software Infusion Program”, according to the CEO of Enugu Tech Hub Center, Mr. Chidubem Anoworem, is for 600 young people, who will be trained over a period of three months, which will allow students to learn Science and Data Visualization and Product Design, free of charge. The CEO added that the Arise Women and Blow-my-mind software infusion program is also the largest software infusion program prioritizing women over men at a ratio of 400 women to 200 men. During the graduation ceremony of the first batch of software IT infusion students at the Enugu State Tech Hub Center in Enugu, Science and Technology Commissioner Sir Obi Kama explained that the program “will enable participants to develop cutting-edge innovation. that will solve real problems and also create a new wealth index for the youth in Enugu state.

UGC Sir Kama revealed that the IT infusion program for women was in line with management’s commitment to Governor Ugwuanyi with gender equality, as well as with his relentless and unequivocal passion for enhancing the capacity of the youth of Enugu State in IT innovations as a true vehicle for wealth creation, economic growth, and self-reliance. The Science and Technology Commissioner commended the Tech Hubs management team for their bold initiatives and breakthroughs in partnering with Tech Hub giants like Microsoft and TECH4DEV to launch the software infusion mega program to the target audience.

He noted that the program is free and lasts for four weeks, noting that the State Ministry of Science and Technology is proud of the commitment, energy, and passion shown by Enugu Tech Hub to exceed the expectations in its roadmap of infusion of technology. youth-driven innovations aimed at changing the state’s innovation index.

Sir kama, who congratulated graduates, urged new students to stand firm and make the most of the program to impart knowledge and “achieve the generational shift that this government hopes to achieve by the end of 2022 by making Enugu state the center for infusion, incubation and technology acceleration in the Southeast.” In her speech, the Commissioner for Special Functions and the Focal Person, Enugu Sostenible. Development Goals (SDGs), Hon Ms Mabel Agbo, revealed that the Enugu State Tech Hub Centers were not only designed to provide training and technological solutions to the challenges faced by society, but also to familiarize beneficiaries with the skills necessary to establish their own technology centers in their various communities.

Hon Agbo argued that the centers also provide the platform for businesses to prosper. Photo: Enugu State Government Source: UGC Therefore, he urged the youth of Enugu State to use the State Tech Hubs to realize their potential instead of engaging in illegal activities and waiting endlessly for the limited vacancies in civil services. federal and state.

Mr. Anoworem further explained that the Enugu State Tech Hub centers have produced many students in the IT infusion program that started in September 2021 and lasted 4 weeks.

He emphasized that the program specifically focused on IT software skills such as 3D animation, video editing, data analysis using Excel, online collaboration software tools, and graphics design. One of the highlights of the event was the delivery of certificates to the graduates.

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