Elon Musk complies with antisemitic X post which caused Jews irritation on white people.

This article will change your timid narrative after you must have gone through the content thoroughly. And you will understand better why Elon Musk stated “You have said the actual truth “.

Elon Musk narrates the theory on complying with the antisemitic.

Elon musk owner of X, claims that Jewish communities has this hatred against whites. It is clearly stated that the Jewish communities have been targeted this ethnical dislike on whites which they outrightly want people to put a stop to such treatment on them. Elon musk responded to the threads by stating “You have said the actual truth “.

The ongoing conspiracy theory which implies that the Jews want to bring undocumented minorities minority populations into western countries to reduce white majorities in those nations. It’s obvious that Elon Musk was referring to Antisemitic incidents in the United States which reached a record high in 2022 in reference to the ADL. But it is not clearly stated that the ADL said the increase in Antisemitic isn’t because of a single group but the organization has noted that antisemitic activities organized by white supremacist groups was doubled last year.

In September Elon Musk threatens to sue the ADL for defamation, which claims that the organization’s reports have affected the advertising sales on X.

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