Eco Bus, Power Gas move to provide CNG stations -GCFRNG

Eco Bus, Power Gas move to provide CNG stations -GCFRNG

The maker of ECO Bus and Pow-er Gas have opened discussions on the plan to provide enough gas filling stations for cars in Nigerian cities where vehicles powered by compressed natural gas can be refueled and given a good use.

This is the sequel to a recent introduction of green vehicles on the Nigerian market by Austrian Technologies Nigeria, an initiative that is expected to significantly reduce carbon emissions from vehicles with the associated dangers to human health.

Powergas Nigeria Director of Sales and Strategy Sumeet Singh said the company was already speaking with Austrian Technologies Nigeria on the topic of automatic gas and how to ensure easy access to CNG by operators of gas powered vehicles. natural, NGV.

According to him, there is the option of entering into an agreement with the management and operators of the existing service stations in the country that currently dispense gasoline and other petroleum products to provide standard spaces for the installation of the CNG facility.

He said: “Getting the automated filling stations ready could be accomplished within six to nine months (or sooner, if it weren’t for the challenges of the global supply chain), which is roughly the same period it will take to deliver the Eco – Green Buses By Automaker After Firm Orders From Stakeholders.

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Singh, who said that his company had around 50 gasoline trucks currently operating in Nigeria, added that they would be willing to build and partner for CNG Auto-Gas stations. CNG as a car fuel is 50% cheaper than alternative fuels (diesel) and, with the current volatility of global liquid fuel prices, Nigeria’s domestic natural gas is one of Nigeria’s best tools to combat inflation and rising prices. “

The CEO of Austrian Technologies Nigeria Limited, Mr. Johann Rieger, announcing the introduction of green vehicles, said that the buses were built to European standards for critical climate and infrastructure, while being considerate of the sensitivity at the prices of developing countries like Nigeria. .

Last week, the director general of the National Council for Automotive Design and Development, Jelani Aliyu, also said that Nigeria would harness natural gas resources to power the country’s automotive wheels.

Aliyu, who spoke at a national awareness campaign / workshop on the safety and benefits of gasoline vehicles in Nigeria, emphasized the need to embrace the green automotive initiative, noting that Nigeria could not afford to be left out in the viable global car. . gas initiative.

He described the global auto industry as “a technically advanced horse race in which only countries with adequate use of natural and human resources can fully participate and have an advantage in the race.

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