Ebonyi Congress: Why we decided to use private, not Govt facilities —PDP -GCFRNG

Ebonyi Congress: Why we decided to use private, not Govt facilities —PDP -GCFRNG

All arrangements for our State Congress are in place – Interim Committee Chair

By Peter Okutu, Abakaliki
The EBONYI chapter of the Popular Democratic Party, PDP, explained on Friday that it decided to use private facilities for its congresses and programs, because the ruling administration of the Congress of All Progressives, APC, will reject its request to use government-owned facilities in the state.

The chairman of the party’s Provisional Committee in the state, Elder Fred Udeogu, stated this in Abakaliki while answering questions from reporters about the party’s readiness to hold its state congress on Saturday.

He described the current administration’s action as contrary to the dreams of the founding fathers of the state.

According to him, the party was willing to hold a free and fair State Congress, since the security agencies had been notified of the exercise.

Elder Udeogu said, “People are not comfortable with the current administration in Ebonyi State, because people are being oppressed. And because of this, people are not happy. As a member of a student union years ago, I still remember what we were told and promised, before the creation of this state.

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“If at the end of those promises that were made to us then and Ebonyi was created and today, we are not enjoying a real democracy in the state, then I would say, how are the powerful falling? I am convinced that those who fought for the creation of this state (I mean the founding fathers) are not happy with what is happening in this state.

“For the State Congress tomorrow (Saturday), we are ready and prepared. We have written and informed the Nigerian Police; the Department of State Services; the Nigerian Army; the Nigerian Civil Defense and Security Corps and others. We are aware of how the environment security situation is currently and that is why we write them, so that they provide us with security. The INEC has also been notified and anything outside of this, you are already outside the law.

“And this is not the type of Congress that you find in other political parties, where the people are forced or imposed on the people against their will. In our party, the PDP, there has never been and never will be an imposition. Anyone who tries to impose candidates on the party faithful against their will has a very bad feeling about himself. We want to allow party members to elect their leaders.

“We have already secured a seat for Congress because we are a law-abiding party. We have avoided government property or facilities and are therefore going to use private facilities in the state. We are well aware that the state government would not even approve any for us, should we decide to use a government property.

“I want you guys to appreciate one good thing about this party, the PDP. Since the time of the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, the PDP has been consistent in winning the Ebonyi state. I don’t know the secret; we have been winning here and there will be no difference in 2023.

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