Easy Ways to Get Paid for Writing Short Stories

This article on easy ways to get paid for writing short stories will educate you on how to earn more from writing. The contents below will show you where to get paid for writing short stories. In addition, you will be enlightened on where to submit your short stories for money. Furthermore, you will be shown how to get paid for writing short stories as a plethora of opportunities can be seen on the internet.

Where to Get Paid for Writing Short Stories?

If you think that achieving this offline is feasible, you are probably in for a big mistake. Though some are lucky, the money is nothing compared to what you will earn from an online magazine or blog. Just to publish your short stories on their website, online blogs pay a huge amount. Therefore, this proves that one can get more money on the table by writing fiction online. In essence, you get to earn extra cash and also fulfill your aspirations of publishing your own novel.

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Where to Submit your Short Stories for Money

There is indeed a plethora of available platforms to select from. In fact, the responsibility of such websites is to pay you for the writing of short stories online. Quite beneficial to the writer as it costs nothing to sign up. A list of a few websites that pay for the writing of short stories will be given you. You can extra cash by writing short stories on Analog, Lightspeed, Threepenny review, Apex, and Glimmertrain.

How to Get Paid for Writing Short Stories

You should know that extra income can be made from writing at home even if you are not a professional writer. Therefore, it’s only adequate that you use your writing skills to earn more money. Indeed, the fulfilling of your dreams about being a renowned writer can begin from writing short stories online. In short, it’s very beneficial to freelance writers as it does not disrupt your other activities. Below, you can choose from any of the sites and start earning more today!

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One Story

Indeed, this platform is ideal for short stories between 3, 000 and 8, 000 words. For each submission made, you are entitled to a payment of $500. Note that this amount can be very much when you make regular submissions. It serves as one of the platforms where you can earn money for writing short stories.

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Fireside Magazine

This is another platform that you can earn from by writing short stories online. Therefore, the objective is to publish thrilling stories regardless of the genre being written on. For each word in your story, this platform pays you 12.5 cents though you will be paid $400 for a full-color story.

Reader’s Digest

This platform offers you the opportunity of telling the world your story and the better part is that you get paid. The requirements are sending Reader’s Digest a true story of you in an amount of 100 words or less. Indeed, writing short stories on this platform can give you a good start of $100.

Take a Break

This platform offers you the opportunity to do a one-time sale of your story for up to E2000 if you don’t wish to write frequently. A guide in the form of an online story form is given you to aid easy writing of your own story. Therefore, this serves as another platform online where you can get paid for writing short stories.

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The Overtake

Short stories to be submitted on this platform should bother on a particular culture, social trend, and findings. For each article, you will be paid the sum of E50.


Since 1985, this award-winning journal has served as one of the platforms for publishing short stories and essays. Therefore, it can be beneficial to you as a writer so just seize the opportunity. Submissions can be made annually between October and May. The sum of $100 – $300 will be paid for prose while they pay $25- $250 for poetry.


This is a platform that pays for short stories but only honest fiction can be submitted and be published. Unlike other platforms that give an outright rejection note, editorial critiques allow editors respond to your submissions in Carve. For every short story, you will be paid the sum of $100 so it’s a nice platform that pays for short stories.

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Glimmertrain tends to have various submission periods for each year. Therefore, all you need to do to access them is navigate to their website and check out their current demand. You can earn from $700 above depending on the category of short story they want.


Serving as one of the world’s most renowned literary journals, Ploughshares also pays one for writing short stories online. Usually, their submissions roll in from June through January each year. Note that this platform has a preference for contemporary literary fiction. For each page, $25 is paid while a maximum payment of $250 is made to the writer.


Fictional stories that appeal to the category of children from age 11 to adult age is accepted and paid for by this platform. Up to $100 is earned for each piece and you get to write specifically between 500- 1, 200 words.

Sun Magazine

Sun Magazine avails you with the opportunity to write both fictional and non-fictional stories. You will be paid the sum of $300- $2, 000 for a non-fiction writing while fiction pays $300- $2, 000 as well. Meanwhile, poetry gets you the sum of $100- $250.

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The Arcanist

This platform serves as another platform that gets you paid for writing short stories. For every 100 words you put together in a short story, Arcanist pays you $10. Therefore, this implies that the more words in your story, the higher you will be paid.

Strange Horizons

Unpredictable fiction is the type of story that this platform publishes and you get paid for writing short stories. They pay up to $800 for stories which they prefer to be under 5, 000 words. Just read through their submission guidelines if you intend to write short stories and be paid by them.


More female characters and plots should be employed if you wish to write short stories for this platform and earn from it. In addition, they also offer you the opportunity to submit modern make-believe stories. Specifically, they require your short story to not be more than 7, 500 words.

The Threepenny Review

Another of the platform that pays one well for writing short stories online is the Threepenny Review. For every submission made, you can earn up to $200- $400.

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Indeed, this serves as the perfect opportunity to build your writing skills if you wish to become a renowned writer. The best part is that you get to work from the comfort of your home and make extra income while at it. In addition, these easy ways to get paid for writing short stories do not disrupt your other engagements.

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