Dreaming About Dead Bodies: An Overview

Do you believe in Ghosts? Have you ever felt like you are being hunted by dead bodies? Do you have dreams about the deceased? Well, in this post “Dreaming About Dead Bodies: An Overview” we shall give you explanations to these dreams. We also talked about Why do people dream about Dead bodies? And Interpretations of dreams about dead bodies. As well as Dreams about a Decayed Dead Body and Dreams about an Unfamiliar Dead Body.

One of the scariest dreams any body can have is dreaming about a dead body. Dreaming about a dead body is creepy, dreadful and unsettling as it is most likely a bad omen. If we look at it very spiritually, one might argue that dreaming about dead body is the beginning of misfortune in a person’s life. However, this is not entirely true. Seeing a dead person in your dream doesn’t necessarily mean misery or bad luck. When you dream about a dead person, do not panic or feel any form of discomfort. Through this post we shall enlighten you on certain meanings to your dreams. However, it is important to understand that these meanings can differ from dream to dream and from person to person.

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Why do people dream about Dead bodies?

Having explained that not all dreams about dead bodies are bad omens, we shall now talk about why this happens. Why do people dream about Dead bodies? What significance does it hold in their lives? What does it mean if I dream about Dead bodies? All of these questions will be answered now.


When you have dreams about dead bodies, it could mean that you are nearing the season of transition in life. Thus such dreams can come about if your life is about to go into the transformation phase. You should have in mind that this transition can either be major or minor. For instance, you could be thinking of changing jobs or about to get a new house.

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Dreaming about dead bodies at this time of transition or change mat mean that you are nervous. It could mean that the change in job or moving to a new house is making you overthink your decision. Also, when you dream about a dead relative, it means it is time for a change in your family bonds.

Defeat and Remorse

If you set out a task for yourself and you fail to achieve the set goal, your subconscious can make you dream about a dead body. More often than not, when you see a corpse in your dream, it simply means you regret the failure or defeat. However, this could also mean that the end of your mission is neigh. If you divert your attention from the dead body and focus on the surroundings instead, you might have renewed hope. Hence, this could mean the beginning of new opportunities for you.

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When you dream about a corpse following a defeat, it could be a sign that you need to forgive yourself. It is a sign that you need to move on, get your self together and start all over. In addition, seeing a corpse in your dream can just be the go ahead you need. Pay attention to this article on Dreaming About Dead Bodies: An Overview.


One of the top leading causes of dreaming about a dead body is Fear. Fear is one of the easiest emotion to feel as a human being. If you fear something physically, there is a likelihood that you dream about a corpse to represent your fears. However, when this happens, it simply means that you are afraid of death or an upcoming change.

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In addition to this, a dream like this could also signify that you are overthinking certain things. Thus there is a need for those thoughts to be let out hence the dream. When something like this is the case, then one should carefully analyse what is making you overthink. You should learn to deal with your worries and anxiety before they deal with you.

The End

Seeing as death is final and random, a dream about a corpse could mean the end of a thing. It could be a relationship, friendship, job, situationship and the likes. However, do not fret as this is a positive sign. Thus you have to let go of the past and move on to greater or better heights.

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Also, a dead body appearing in your dreams might happen if you have been trying to break off a bad relationship. That is if you have been in a toxic relationship and trying to end it, you might have these dreams. What this connotes is that you have identified the negatives in your life and you are willing to get rid of them.

Interpretations of Dreams about Dead Bodies

As earlier said, seeing a corpse in your dream does not necessarily mean something bad is happening. It could as well be some kind of warning or invitation to change and transformation. During the course of this study, we shall take a deeper look into these dreams and what they mean. If you have had dreams about dead bodies in the past, then read on to know what these dreams mean.

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Dreams about an Unfamiliar Dead Body

Most times, when people dream about a corpse they do not know, it is a kind of warning. It means there is something not right in your life and you do not have any form of control over it. Sometimes when you wake up from such dreams, you are overwhelmed with a kind of frustration. These dreams could occur as a result of your environment or the kinds of people you have surrounded yourself with.

Seeing as most times, our dreams are usually connected to our emotions thus these dreams make you uncomfortable. You would always have the feeling of being in danger because your subconscious will always be at alert. This dream is a sign to end any unhealthy situation or friendship in your life before it ends you. In addition, these kinds of dreams can make you lose confidence in yourself and lower your self esteem.

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Dreams about Multiple Corpse

When you dream about multiple dead bodies, it could mean that you are in a confused stage in life. That is, you have no clear vision for your future thus the need to regroup or find something fresh. In addition to this, it could also mean that you find it difficult to trust people. You have the feeling that everybody is out to get you, hence you look at everybody with suspicion.

Furthermore, having dreams about multiple corpse could mean that you desire commitment. It could mean that you are in desperate need of somebody you can trust and call your own. When you have dreams like this, it is advised that you change your circle of friends. Surround yourself with people who have your best interest at heart.

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Dreams about Dead Bodies on the Road

If you have dreams about seeing a dead. Body on the road, then it means you are having some kind of struggle with yourself. That is you are not satisfied with your position in life and you would love to be better. This could apply to relationships, jobs, friendships or even personally. Additionally, a dream like that could equally mean all of troubles and woe are about to end. Thus Financially, Socially, Health wise, Relationship wise, you are about to improve all round.

Moreso, dreaming about a dead body on the road could be some kind of warning about a coming betrayal. Also, it is important to watch out for the people you surround yourself with before you’re caught off guard.

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Dreams about a Corpse in White Cloth

This kind of dreams screams “Positivity”. It is mostly a sign of good luck, wealth and mental wellness. A dream like this foretells a worry free life. Also, it could mean that you are about to build your self esteem and self confidence. Everything you try to get involved with will flow easily and quickly. It is a general belief that anybody who dreams of a corpse in white cloth is a good person. It also means that such person has never done anything harmful or wrongful to anybody before.

Dreams about a body covered in blood

This is one of the most dangerous kind of dreams to have. There is nothing good about dreaming about a bloody corpse a. Dreams like this could mean that you are about to enter a phase of trial and tribulations. It could also mean that there is conflict in your home and you have no idea how to resolve it. In addition, these dreams could also mean that your partner or spouse is being unfaithful to you. It could also be a sign that somebody you hold most dear is about to die. Thus causing you an almost unbearable pain and loss.

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Dreams about a Corpse in Water

As scary as this sounds, trust me it is not a horrible dream. In fact, if you dream about a dead body in water then good things are about to come to you. Lines are about to fall for you in pleasant places. If you’ve been running out of luck in the past or if it has been unfavorable, this is a sign. Thus you need to revisit those incidents in your past, analyse them and learn from them.

Additionally, it is important to pay attention to what kind of water you found the dear body. If the water is low and dirty, then it could mean that you’re about to get into a very deep trouble. However, if you find the corpse afloat in water, it simply means you need a break from everything and everyone. You need to regroup and find some peace and calm. If for some reason, you see a drowned dead body, then it means you are about to get responsible with your life. It also means you are about to give up your childish ways and frivolous spending.

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Dreams about a Decayed Dead Body

There are so many Interpretations of this dream. It means that you focus on less important matters instead of the pressing ones. It also shows some kind of dissatisfaction with yourself or decisions you have made. Additionally, this kind of dream connotes the need to end certain relationships and friendships.

However, if you see a decaying corpse in your dream and you are not affected by the smell, it could mean something different. It is a huge indicator of wealth and prosperity. Also, it is a sign of immeasurable growth and financial freedom.

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Dreams about Hiding a Dead Body

More often than not, this dream is a sign that you are trying to hide your feelings about something. You mostly dream about hiding a corpse when you are actively trying to mask your fear. It could also indicate that you are trying to escape a mistake committed by you. As well as hiding parts of of yourself from others for the fear of judgement. Having such a dream is a clear indication that you are living your life in fear. However, sometimes, this dream can imply guilt or an inability to fully forgive someone.

Dreams about a Corpse in a Coffin

When you are trying to move on from a relationship you cherished and loved, you can have dreams like this. If you have also lost a loved one or a close friend and you’re finding it difficult to move on, these dreams can occur. More often than not, these dreams is a sing for you to get back up and move on as all is not lost. It could also be a season of change and transformation.

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However, if the person in the coffin is somebody you know, the it could be a sign of good fortune. It could also mean you should expect a kind of good news from such person.


Irrespective of how horrific it sounds, not all dreams about dead bodies are terrible. While some of them signify good fortune  others represent Change and New beginnings. In this post Dreaming About Dead Bodies: An Overview, we have successfully interpreted some dreams. However, together with the positive side, the negatives are also quite intense and discomforting. We really hope you found this article helpful. Follow our website and leave a comment below for more information.

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