Definition of Google Coin and What you Can Do With it

This article on the definition of Google coin and what you can do with it educates you on all you need to know about it. Cryptocurrency is the digital form of currency also known as Google coin. In this post, we will get to know the meaning of Cryptocurrency. Furthermore, we will be discussing on how Cryptocurrency works and examples of Cryptocurrency. Therefore, you will have the definition of Google coin and what you can do with it by the end of the article.

Meaning of Cryptocurrency

It is known to all that any type of currency which exists digitally and makes use of cryptography to secure transactions can be called Cryptocurrency or crypto. There is no regulating authority but transactions are recorded with a decentralized system and new units are issued. This renowned payment system that exists virtually doesn’t need the approval of banks to verify transactions. As a result, anyone can stay at any location to carry out sending and receiving of money. Unlike physical money, Cryptocurrency payments only exist as digital entries which describes certain transactions. A public ledger keeps every record of transactions when Cryptocurrency funds is transferred.

Digital wallets are used to store Cryptocurrency. Due to its requirement of using encryption to verify transactions, Cryptocurrency earned its name. Therefore, the storing and transmitting of Cryptocurrency data to public ledgers and wallets requires advanced coding. Safety and security are the major goals of encryption. With speculators boosting prices upward at times, most of the interest of cryptocurrencies is trading for profit.

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How Cryptocurrency Works

The running of Cryptocurrencies is done on a public ledger known as the blockchain which serves as a record of all transactions. Through a process called mining, the units of Cryptocurrency are created. It is done by solving tough mathematical problems with computer power which ends up generating coins. Brokers are also sources through which one can acquire a Cryptocurrency. You can now decide whether to spend them through cryptographic wallets or store them. Since 2009, the oldest form of Cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin has been in existence.

However, more cryptocurrencies are emerging and in the nearest future, more use is expected of it. This is because the technology might eventually be used to trade transactions like bonds and various financial assets.

Examples of Cryptocurrency

Indeed, thousands of cryptocurrency exist in the world but we will discuss on the best examples below.

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The oldest form of cryptocurrency is Bitcoin because it has been in existence since 2009. Developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, it remains the most commonly traded cryptocurrency. Though the precise identity remains unknown, it is believed to stand as a pseudonym for a person or group of people.


After Bitcoin, this particular form of cryptocurrency serves as the most popular. This blockchain platform even has its own cryptocurrency known as Ether (ETH) and was developed in 2015.


This form of cryptocurrency shares quite some similarities with Bitcoin. However, it has grown to adapt to modern innovations which involves quicker payments and transaction processes.


Founded in 2012, this form of cryptocurrency stands as a distributed ledger system. Different kinds of transactions apart from cryptocurrency can be tracked by using Ripple. This is as a result of the several banks and financial institutions that the company has worked with.

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Means of Buying Cryptocurrency

Many may be faced with the worries of where to buy cryptocurrency safely but worry no more. Three secure basic steps will be made known to you to ensure you buy your cryptocurrency safely.

Pick a Platform

First of all, you have to select or pick a platform to use. The decision can be made between a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange or a traditional broker.

Traditional Brokers

The means of sale and buying of cryptocurrency is provided by this online brokers. Though they tend to have lesser crypto features, they provide lower trading costs. Asides cryptocurrency, they also offer means to sell or purchase other financial assets.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Different cryptocurrencies, account options with interest bearing, and wallet storage is offered by various cryptocurrency exchanges. Note however that asset-based fees are charged by many exchanges. Therefore, you should weigh the fees charged, storage and withdrawal options, and security features before choosing any platform.

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Fund your Account

The next step you should take once you have completed the selection of a platform is funding your account. Users are allowed to buy crypto using fiat currencies by most crypto exchanges but this varies based on the platform. Some crypto exchanges don’t approve of crypto purchasing with credit cards as it’s considered risky. In the same vein, cryptocurrency transactions are not supported by some credit card companies. It is so because of the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrencies and the risk of going into debt. ACH wire transfers and transfers can also be accepted by some platforms.

Based on the platform, the recognized and approved payment time and methods might differ. Fees equally vary according to payment method and platform so you should consider that before choosing a platform.

Place an Order

An order can be placed through your exchange’s or broker’s mobile platform. Specify that you wish to buy cryptocurrencies by clicking on the “buy” option. Once that is done, go ahead and pick the order type and type in the amount of cryptocurrencies that you wish to purchase. After doing this, you can now confirm the order and note that selling orders has the same procedure.

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Storing of Cryptocurrency

It is one thing to purchase cryptocurrency but it’s another to safely store it away from hackers and theft. Generally, physical devices or online software known as crypto wallets are used to store cryptocurrency. The private keys to your cryptocurrencies are stored securely in these crypto wallets. Though for some exchanges, it is easier for one to store directly from the platform as they offer wallet services. Although, you should keep it in mind that not all brokers or exchanges offer automatic wallet services to you. Therefore, you can go ahead and choose from the various wallet providers.

Hot Wallet Storage

With the aid of hot wallets, the private keys to your assets are protected with online software.

Cold Wallet Storage

Cold wallets are also known as and called hardware wallets. Generally, hot wallets don’t charge fees but cold wallets do. The secure protection of your private keys by the cold wallet is dependent on offline electronic devices unlike hot wallets.

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Tips to Invest in Cryptocurrency Safely

Indeed, investments are known to come with a lot of risks but cryptocurrency happens to be a riskier investment choice. Therefore, the tips to be discussed below can go a long way in helping you make good choices when planning to invest in cryptocurrencies.

Research extensively on exchanges

It is highly recommended that one carries out thorough research on cryptocurrency exchanges before investment. According to research, it has been proven that there are more than 500 exchanges to pick from. Therefore, it’s advisable you read reviews, speak with experienced investors, and carry out personal research before choosing an exchange.

Find a perfect means to store your Google coin

Buying cryptocurrency is quite easy but you also have to keep it secure from hacks and theft. In order to keep it securely stored, you can store it in a digital wallet or an exchange. Note that even though there is a plethora of wallets, their benefits, security, and technical requirements vary. In short, same goes for exchanges so it’s recommended you research about your choices before investing.

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There should be diversification of investments

Any good investment strategy ought to have diversification and this applies same in cryptocurrency. Thousands of options are in existence so you should widen your investments and not just limit it to the ones you know.

Make Preparations for Volatility

You should be ready and hard-hearted as the cryptocurrency market is filled with ups and downs. Dramatic swings in prices can leave you devastated so don’t invest if your mental wellbeing or investment portfolio cannot handle it. Due to the highly volatile nature of cryptocurrency, it’s recommended that you do your research well and be prepared for anything.

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Indeed, this article has given a detailed definition of Google coin and what you can do with it. With this definition of Google coin and what you can do with it, investment into this form of currency will be carried out wisely. Indeed, as your mind has been enlightened to the definition of Google coin, you will invest better. The tips discussed will help you invest better and choose good brokers or exchanges to invest in.

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