Davido says his Money is not the reason for his success

Afrobeats sensation David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido, emphasized that his success isn’t solely defined by his wealth. According to him, success is primarily about positively impacting lives within one’s community, and it’s not necessarily tied to financial prosperity.

Davido articulated his perspective further by painting a vivid picture with words. He expressed his aspiration to, in his later years, sit on his balcony and reflect on the transformation he’s brought about. He shared his belief in manifesting these dreams into reality, much like he predicted his own rise to fame.

He envisioned himself in opulent surroundings, adorned in a stylish Versace robe, sipping cognac from a cup, and strolling to the balcony. From there, he would look down and see a scene filled with family, close friends, children, and staff, all celebrating their individual successes. This vision, he emphasized, stems from his initial dream of pursuing music and serves as a testament to what one can achieve through determination and dedication.

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