Davido offers Canadian Interviewer ride on his Private Jet

Music artist Davido has sparked a reaction with his generous offer to treat interviewer Amelia Dimoldenberg to a lavish experience aboard his exclusive private jet. Some have jokingly speculated if this could lead to an expansion of his family.

In the trending video, Davido and Dimoldenberg are seen chatting on the pink carpet at the recent MTV Music Video Awards (VMA). As Davido shares his experience at the prestigious awards, expressing pride in the global success of Afrobeats, Dimoldenberg mentions that she’s never been to Lagos.

Without hesitation, Davido extends an invitation for her to join him on his private jet for a journey from the United States to Lagos, Nigeria, in less than 10 hours.

Dimoldenberg expresses excitement at the prospect of her first private jet flight, and Davido confirms his willingness to arrange the luxurious trip for her.

Injecting humor into their conversation, Dimoldenberg playfully asks if Davido’s jet has a jacuzzi. Davido, with his trademark grin, responds that it doesn’t have a jacuzzi but features an exquisite shower, ensuring her of a comfortable journey.

The video has prompted a range of responses, many infused with humor:

  • User susylicious_hawt jests, “She will definitely get pregnant if that happens.”
  • crystal_barbz comments, “OBO, you’ve started again. We haven’t recovered from the last one you brought to us. We’re still defending.”
  • Deepcoremelanin advises, “Just don’t get her pregnant! We don’t need another Anita.”
  • Chiomagermane remarks, “Well, it’s about time he added a biracial baby to his collection, I guess.”
  • world_boss_queen1 playfully writes, “My brother David is always on the lookout for new baby mamas.”
  • blazevibezz notes, “People who Davido has promised to bring to Nigeria on a jet are now plenty.”
  • church_of_the_free adds in jest, “Congratulations, online in-laws! You’re invited to the naming ceremony in exactly 9 months from now.”
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(Note: Some comments are humorous and not meant to be taken literally.)

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