Crisis Tears Synagogue Church Apart as TB Joshua’s Family, Disciples Clash, Trustee Alleges Threat to Life – GCFRNG

Crisis Tears Synagogue Church Apart as TB Joshua’s Family, Disciples Clash, Trustee Alleges Threat to Life - GCFRNG

Crisis Tears Synagogue Church Apart as TB Joshua’s Family, Disciples Clash, Trustee Alleges Threat to Life – GCFRNG

The leadership/succession crisis and alleged financial fraud have turned the Synagogue of the Church of All Nations (SCOAN) into a battlefield The crisis erupted shortly after the death of the church’s founder, Prophet TB Joshua, especially when the wife moved to take over.

While the family is accusing some disciples of financial fraud, the disciples claimed that there are threats to their lives and that they have had to hide.

Ikotun, Lagos-Joseph David, a member of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) Board of Trustees, has raised the alarm about alleged threats to his life and that of other ministry leaders from a leadership crisis. Months after the death of Prophet TB Joshua, the founder of the church, there has been a constant crisis over the functioning of the church. The main door of the headquarters of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOA). Photo Credit: PIUS UTOMI EKPEI / AFP Source: Getty Images The Punch reported that David, who has gone into hiding with other disciples of the late church founder, claimed that the founder’s family was using the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission ( EFCC) to hunt them down.

He alleged that the founder’s wife, Evelyn Joshua, was making energetic attempts to consolidate power around her, adding that influential supporters of TB Joshua had been expelled. including foreigners.

Evelyn Joshua was not active in church administration David claimed that Mrs. Evelyn was a wife and was never active in church administration when her husband was alive, adding that she only functioned ceremoniously. He added that Prophet TB Joshua had said before he died that the church was not a family thing.

According to him, the late prophet had removed his wife from being a trustee of the church prior to her death. David said that after TB Joshua’s death, the church had two trustees left, the clergyman’s daughter, Promise Joshua, and himself. He noted that the problems started during a meeting to fill the space left by the late clergyman, who was the third administrator of the church.

He said he opposed the move to make the widow a trustee to avoid being easily invaded and evicted by family members. David said that a man was later asked to mediate between the disciples and the family, adding that the intervention did not work. He said his group later decided to give in to the family and let TB Joshua’s wife take over the leadership of the church.

The clergyman said the mediator told him and other disciples that in order to “avoid the coming disaster,” everyone “must come together and sign a pledge to declare Mrs. Evelyn Joshua the new GO of the church” and ” sign a pledge “. be of good behavior. “David added that most of the prophets, both Nigerian and foreign, in the church were charged with theft, fraud, and money laundering. He added that the daughter of the late founder also wrote to the Immigration Service of Nigeria to demand that the residence status of foreigners be reviewed because their services were no longer needed.

According to him, the EFCC had launched a search for him and others, saying their lives were under It was found that, in addition to the alleged theft and money laundering charges, the EFCC was also investigating allegations of embezzlement of TB Joshua’s burial funds, in which the disciples were implicated. TB Joshua’s daughter, Promise reacts TB Joshua’s daughter Promise said the allegations against the family were unfounded. She added that David and others were just trying to give the church a bad name because that their atrocities were exposed. Speaking about the case with the EFCC, Promise explained that the family saw CCTV footage of some people moving money from the church, claiming that some of the drivers involved in the act had made confessional statements accusing the disciples. She also denied that the family was driving away those who worked with her father. She said they were only asked to leave pending when the church resumed.

: “These people who speak are the ones I think are guilty; all the others went to the EFCC and returned after being interviewed. “All that I had instigated for allegedly siphoning funds and breaking the church’s vault. Huge cases of fraud discovered in Synagogue after TB Joshua’s death – Church lawyer Earlier,

James Akhigbe said huge cases of financial misappropriation were discovered after the demise of the founder of SCOAN, TB Joshua.

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