The Numbers of Coronavirus Victims In India Exceed Four Million – GCFRNG

India has become the third country with more than four million coronavirus infections, keeping a daily record on Saturday as the virus shows no signs of spreading.

86,432 new cases infected India with 4,023,179 diseases, the third behind the United States with more than 6.3 million, followed by Brazil with 4.1 million.

While the government has reduced restrictions and economic recovery, India now has a rapidly growing number of cases worldwide with more than 80,000 daily and a maximum daily death toll of more than 1,000.

The national outcry has risen from three to four million in just 13 days, faster than the United States and Brazil.

Infectious diseases are now spreading in rural areas with poor health facilities but it is also spreading in cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

The state of Maharashtra, which includes Mumbai, has been in turmoil in India since the country’s ban was imposed in March. It still has almost a quarter of the new cases handled daily in the 1.3 billion countries.

Residents lined up to register as a health worker (R) wearing a personal protective clothing (PPE) collecting swab samples from a woman to test for COVID-19, at a health facility located in Hyderabad on September 4, 2020. NOAH SEELAM / AFP

Shamika Ravi, an economics professor and former government adviser who has followed the highly contagious disease system in India, said India was “not close” and the maximum number in Maharashtra would have to be the “head” of the campaign against coronavirus.

“There is no control of the Covid-19 in India without controlling the outbreak in Maharashtra,” he said on Twitter.

“Given its economic importance, Maharashtra will continue to affect the spread of the disease elsewhere in the country.”




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