Conflicting Orders Emanating From Courts of Coordinate Jurisdiction – GCFRNG

Conflicting Orders Emanating From Courts of Coordinate Jurisdiction – GCFRNG

INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Monday said that to participate in the Anambra state gubernatorial election to be held on November 6, there must be an electronic identity test using the new Bimodal voting system.

The commissioner also expressed concern over the conflicting legal rates emanating from the courts of administrative rights, describing it as a threat to his work and the development of democracy in Nigeria.

INEC Chairman, Prof. Mahmood Yakubu, said this in Abuja, during the third meeting of the commission and political parties.

He said, “Our biggest concern is that as INEC strives to improve the credibility and understanding of our electoral system, additional obstacles are being added to our path through litigation. However, The Committee is grateful for the recent statement by its Owner and the Chief Justice of Nigeria as well as the serious concern of the Nigerian judiciary. “

He also explained that stakeholders, including political party leaders, have urged the commissioner to promote the voter registration system, especially in the case of the use of such devices where Smart Card Reader has failed to check the fingerprint of the voter. .

Yakubu said this kind of concern is justified because the SCR examines every card in his election, regardless of who gives it to him.

He said, “So their fear is that to cover the incident with SCR members who do not check their fingerprints, a voter can use another person’s PVC to vote during the election.

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“To address this concern, the commissioner attempted to introduce biometric face testing during the polls in which voters used a Z-Pad tablet to complete the fingerprint procedure by the Card Reader ahead of the Edo and September gubernatorial elections. 2020.

“However, the commissioner was not satisfied with the driver of the Nasarawa Central state by-elections in August 2020. We therefore put off the idea so that we can work again. Over the past year, we have investigated the situation and feel that we have found the right technology to address it. Therefore the Z-pad was only used to upload Election Department results to IReV gates during elections.

“The functionality of the Z-pad now within IVED is currently used for voter registration. On election day, a device for the Bredod voder Accreditation System will also be used for fingerprinting at the time of appointment and at the place of face examination. We believe this system has a lot to do to eliminate the possibility of voting by stealing someone else’s PVC. “

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