Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson Career Records

This article is about the controversial Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson Career Records. We shall answer frequently asked questions about the NFL quarterback and also give an overview of his career in this article. Also check for Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson news, Deshaun Watson wife, What will Deshaun Watson get suspended for?, Does Deshaun Watson still get paid if he is suspended?, Do Browns have to pay Watson? And much more.

Deshaun Watson Overview

Derrick Deshaun Watson, a quarterback with the National Football League’s Cleveland Browns, was born on September 14, 1995. He participated in collegiate football at Clemson, where in 2016 he helped the team win a title. The Houston Texans then chose Watson in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft.
Consecutively, the Texans won division championships in 2018 and 2019. Afterwards, Deshaun Watson topped the league in passing yards in 2020. This was after having his excellent debut season cut short by injury. Additionally, throughout every of his three seasons as Houston’s main starter, he was recognized with Pro Bowl honours. He is second all-time in lifetime passer rating and has the best career completion % (minimum 1,500 attempts) of all time.
More than 20 female massage therapists have filed lawsuits against Watson for sexual harassment and abuse since 2021. Deshaun Watson settled 20 allegations of sexual misconduct. However, he continues to deny any wrongdoing. Watson missed the entire 2021 season due to disputes with the Houston Texans’ management and numerous sexual misconduct lawsuits. However, these issues later led to a transfer to the Cleveland Browns, where he signed one of the most expensive five-year contracts in NFL history in 2022, worth $230 million.

Date of Birth: 14 September 1995 (age 27 years), Gainesville, Georgia, United States
Full name: Derrick Deshaun Watson
Nickname: Rook
Dates joined: 2022 (Cleveland Browns), 2017 (Houston Texans), 2014 (Clemson Tigers football)
Parents: Deann Watson
School: Clemson University
Siblings: Detrick Watson, Tinisha Watson, Tyreke Watson

Personal life

After relocating to Houston to compete for the Texans, Watson became a Christian and joined the Southern Baptist Convention. Warrick Dunn, an Atlanta Falcons running back, and Habitat for Humanity partnered to provide a house to Watson’s family in 2006 when Watson was just 11 years old. In 2017, Watson gave three NRG Stadium cafeteria workers who had been impacted by Hurricane Harvey his first NFL game check, which was around $27,000.

Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson Allegations and lawsuits

Allegations and lawsuits

A Houston massage therapist sued Watson in a civil case on March 16, 2021, with assistance from Attorney Tony Buzbee. In March 2020, when Watson was visiting her at home for treatment, she said that he caressed her with the tip of his hard penis and also asked her for sex. Asserting that “I never once have handled any woman with anything but the highest respect,” Watson fiercely refuted Buzbee’s charges. The massage therapist abruptly halted the session and sobbed after the occurrence, according to the lawsuit. Several weeks later, on the advice of Watson, two other NFL players made contact with the massage therapist. Watson allegedly apologized to the massage therapist thereafter, according to the lawsuit.
The next day, a different masseuse who was represented by Buzbee said that Watson had met her at the Houstonian Hotel in August 2020. She claimed that he was totally nude, refused to cover himself, asked her to massage his butthole and genitalia, and also made a movement that led her to touch his penis. Additionally, the therapist asserts that Watson only paid half the fees owed for her services.

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A third civil action against Deshaun Watson was filed on March 18, 2021. It was alleged that he had coerced a massage therapist into having oral sex with him before she passed out at an office block in December 2020. The therapist alleges that she was frightened and urinated on herself after Watson departed. Additionally, the NFL said on March 18 that it will look into the sexual assault claims made against Watson.

12th Lawsuit

On March 19, 2021, Buzbee said that a total of 12 civil lawsuits had been brought against Watson. He stated that 22 women had been in touch with his office to complain about Watson’s behaviour while giving massages. Buzbee asked that Watson be the subject of an investigation by the Houston Police Department and also the district attorney of Harris County, Texas. One of nine new civil lawsuits claims that Watson tried to forcefully kiss a lady. Meanwhile, another lawsuit claims that he tried to attack the same woman twice.

14th Lawsuit

On March 22, 2021, a woman who referred to Deshaun Watson as a “serial predator” filed the 14th case. Just two of the fourteen allegations—the incident in California—have been linked to actual events. When the traveling masseuse arrived at the location Watson had given, she said that he escorted her to a room and “closed the doors behind him.” During the massage, Watson is accused of “forcing Plaintiff’s hand over his penis” and telling her, “I will not make you sign an NDA, but don’t ever speak about this.” In December, Watson then allegedly contacted the plaintiff on Instagram while “appearing as if nothing occurred.”
22 lawsuits had been brought against Watson by April 5, 2021. Since then, 18 licensed massage therapists have come out to defend his reputation. They claim that the accusations are inconsistent with their personal interactions with Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson.
Because Watson’s attorney Rusty Hardin had a son who works for the police, Tony Buzbee has then claimed that he was reluctant to provide proof to the Houston Police Department. He also claimed to have sent evidence from his clients “elsewhere” and criticized departing HPD head Art Acevedo. As a result of Hardin and Acevedo’s criticism of Buzbee’s remarks, law enforcement and regulatory organizations can always count on them for assistance, according to Hardin. After receiving a formal complaint, the HPD then opened an inquiry into Watson on April 2.

Public identification

At a news conference on April 6, two of the 22 women who had sued Watson in court publicly revealed themselves. The first woman to come forward, Ashley Solis, alleged that Watson exposed himself and then stroked her hand with his erect penis during a massage session at her house. She then halted the session and requested him to leave. Solis also said at a news conference that the sexual assault had left her with panic attacks, anxiety, and sadness. She remarked: “People claim that I just do this for financial gain. This is untrue. I speak out right now to stop Deshaun Watson from abusing another lady.”
On April 9, Hardin said that although a few of Watson’s massages did result in “sexual practices,” it was mutual. Two judges decided that 13 from 22 cases had to be refiled within two working days or risk being dismissed.

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They also insisted that four of the accusers had to use their current identities while doing so. This decision was also made on the same day. Attorneys said that nine out of the twelve ladies would volunteer to expose their identities. The court agreed to Watson’s lawyers’ urgent request for the identities of the other accusers to be made public.


Nike and Beats By Dre terminated their sponsorship agreements with Watson on April 7, 2021. Also, H-E-B and Reliant Energy said they have no plans to collaborate with Watson in the future.
A grand jury decided not to indict Watson on accusations of “harassment and sexual offences” on March 11, 2022. He was still facing 22 legal cases as then, several of which included assault and sexual misconduct allegations. All except one of the ongoing civil lawsuits have been resolved as of August 1, 2022. In response to these allegations, the NFL said on August 18, 2022, that Watson would receive an 11-game suspension, a record $5 million fine, a behavioural assessment, and then a treatment plan. He will also pay his fine and an extra $2 million to organizations that fight sexual abuse.

Deshaun Watson wife

Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson does not have a wife, but he is currently dating Jilly Anais, a model turned influencer. The way Anais handled these accusations was similar to how she handled everything else up to that point: by disregarding the information of Watson’s six-game ban. She in particular posted a video of herself lately playing Top Golf at FirstEnergy Stadium.

What will Deshaun Watson get Suspended for?

The NFL appealed what many believed to be a mild six-game penalty for allegations of sexual assault by more than two dozen women in massage treatments. Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson will now serve an 11-game ban and pay a whopping $5 million fine.

Does Deshaun Watson still get paid if he is suspended?

After being transferred to the Cleveland Browns in March, Deshaun Watson inked a deal for $230 million that was completely guaranteed. The three-time Pro Bowler will forfeit $632,500 of this season’s pay while also serving the August-starting ban.

Do Cleveland Browns have to pay Watson?

Deshaun Watson’s foregone basic salary would result in a cap space reduction for the Cleveland Browns of only $1.035 million. Watson’s deal was advanced a year. As a result, the Browns would have him under contract from 2023 to 2027 instead of 2022 to 2026.

How much did Deshaun Watson get paid?

With the Cleveland Browns, Deshaun Watson inked a five-year, $230,000,000 deal. The deal also have a $44,965,000 signing bonus, $230,000,000 in guaranteed money, and an average yearly pay of $46,000,000.

What is Deshaun Watson’s win / loss record?

Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson was 28-26 in his career

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What records does Deshaun Watson hold?

NFL records

  1. 67.8% is his highest career completion rate.
  2. A rookie quarterback’s passing touchdowns in one game: 5 (drawing with Ray Buivid, Matthew Stafford, Jameis Winston and Daniel Jones)
  3. A freshman quarterback’s record for passing touchdowns in a month: 16.
  4. Marcus Mariota and Jameis Winston matched for the most passing touchdowns by a new quarterback in a half with four (Week 5, 2017)
  5. The first NFL player to pass for 400 yards or more, toss four or more touchdown passes, and also dash for 50 yards or more in a single game. (Week 8, 2017)
  6. The only player in NFL history to have multiple games with five passing touchdowns in his first two seasons: 2
  7. The first player in NFL history to record 4,000 or more passing yards, 25 or more passing touchdowns, 500 or more running yards, and 5 or more rushing touchdowns in a season.
  8. The player that accumulated 6,500+ passing yards and 500+ running yards, the fastest in NFL history (26 games)
  9. Scored 10 running touchdowns and 50 throwing touchdowns, the fastest in NFL history (27 games)
  10. First quarterback with at least 375 passing yards and 35 running yards in back-to-back games
  11. 19 passing touchdowns by rookies in a stretch of seven games in NFL history.
  12. There have been 18 rookies with at least five receiving touchdowns in NFL history.
  13. Four-game stretch in NFL history with three or more passing touchdowns by a rookie.
  14. Highest number of NFL games with at least 375 passing yards and 40 running yards: 3 (level with Steve Young)
  15. Quarterback with the most passing touchdowns through his first six professional games: 15
  16. First rookie in a season with at least 40 running yards and 300 throwing yards in two games.
  17. The first rookie to score five or more touchdowns in back-to-back games
  18. The highest number of completions with an ideal passer rating: 28.
  19. The highest number of attempts with a 100 percent pass rate: 33. (Level with Jared Goff)

Texans franchise records

  1. A rookie’s highest passing touchdowns in one game lead the league: 5(October 8, 2017 vs. Kansas City Chiefs)
  2. A rookie’s highest passing touchdowns in a single season: 19
  3. The highest number of games with a touchdown throw in a row :20
  4. A rookie’s highest passing yards in one game: 402(October 19, 2017 vs Seattle Seahawks)
  5. 112.4 is the highest passer rating in a season.
  6. The game in which a rookie quarterback throws three or more touchdown passes.
  7. A rookie quarterback’s first 300+ yard passing game
  8. The first quarterback to score a touchdown in each of his first two games (one throwing and one running).
  9. First quarterback to accumulate at least 400 running yards and 300 throwing yards in a single game (Week 3, 2017)
  10. A quarterback’s most running touchdowns: 17

How many 300 yards games does Deshaun Watson have?

Cleveland Browns Deshaun Watson had 19 games played with also more than 300 passing yards.

How many times has Deshaun Watson been to the playoffs?

Deshaun Watson played in 3 games in the playoffs in his career.


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