Chris Evans Cleared of Cancer

Radio presenter Chris Evans announced that he has been given the “all-clear” following a diagnosis of skin cancer he received two months ago. During his Virgin Radio show, the 57-year-old shared an email from his surgeon, confirming the positive news. Evans had previously disclosed that he underwent a biopsy after discovering an irregular mole on his leg, which turned out to be melanoma. He expressed surprise at how much the news affected him, remarking that he “lost a night’s sleep” over it.

Evans recounted the process of diagnosis, treatment, and removal, emphasizing the significance of time in the battle against cancer. He stressed the importance of regular check-ups for cancer and encouraged anyone with concerns to seek medical attention promptly. Evans, known for his tenure on BBC Radio 2, moved to Virgin Radio in 2018, taking much of his production team with him. He has had a distinguished career in radio and television, including hosting The One Show, Top Gear, TFI Friday, and The Big Breakfast.

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