Chief Justice of Nigeria Commended For His effort To Restore Sanity – GCFRNG

Chief Justice of Nigeria Commended For His effort To Restore Sanity – GCFRNG

The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Ibrahim Tanko Mohammed, has recently summoned the Chief Justices of Rivers, Kebbi, Cross River, Anambra, Jigawa and Imo for conflicting decisions on issues related to the presidential election. Peoples Democratic Party, PDP and the governor. Candidate of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, in Anambra state.

Complaining about the “big shame” that such a controversial decision has made the judiciary, the CJN reportedly said the decision to summon the chief justice has been difficult due to the initial warnings issued by the NJC to the people. judicial service to be careful with giving. first application.

Last week, the CJN was asked to provide the chief justices to stay current in the political and judicial development of the various regional courts and to provide practical counseling to guide judges. judgments in their respective courts to avoid giving conflicting decisions.

This is commendable as it shows that the Chief Justice of Nigeria is well aware of the enormous responsibility that comes with his role as head of the judiciary and is ready to do his utmost to ensure integrity. this fairness does not invalidate the judges in any way.

The late law, for the benefit of those who do not know it, is a court order for filing a lawsuit and without hearing from the other party. They are designed to address complex issues that cannot wait for the operation of the court system on the other side where irreparable damage could be done to plaintiffs or the subject of litigation. So, as the Nigerian courts have ruled many times, this kind of law should be given where there is a real need.

Unfortunately, party rules have over the years for judges and lawyers. As he descended the line of defense, on September 17,2018, the Chief Justice of the Federal Supreme Court, announced that he had instructed the judges of the court to prevent them from issuing previous orders. political discourse.

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Reporting this, Vanguard said as follows: “The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Abdul Abdu-Karafati, who gave instructions during a special session held by the court to mark the beginning of the 2018 legal year / 2019, stated these the aim of ‘preventing any obstruction and blame of the court by politicians’.

“Judges have already been given a circular,” and will not be granted temporary jurisdiction over any political order brought before the courts. “According to CJ:” I believe in controversy, especially in political matters the government can reduce when a court makes a decision after hearing all the parties involved. It is also very important that all political cases that may affect members of any party that are still pending in each of our courts will end soon to give all candidates a chance to pursue their political goals. Hon. We will also use this court and local law to organize our country for the benefit of our children and humanity. “

The depth of the first offense was captured until 1985 when the then Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon. Justice Mohammed Bello, advised doctors and judges at the All Nigeria Judicial Council held in Abuja in 1985 on the following issues: the interests of more than one country in Nigeria.Practice for public servants without an audience to practice civil and legal law as a happy person.I have the opportunity to show earlier this year that only in Nigeria will a university be barred by a court from enacting a law that does not allow it to hold rallies to give thousands of students, who have passed their exams, to. because the two students who failed the test have applied to the court for a declaration that they also have the right to obtain a certificate.Of course, there are some important issues between us, the judges should understand that the eternal law which is designed to be a vehicle for justice and fairness should not be a bully for overthrowing justice.We are ile should understand that justice should be done to public servants and public institutions. ”

Unfortunately, the history of our country is full of places where the Ebola department of the government has been accused, for issuing previous laws, that they have not played a significant role in delays in events, if not it totally. The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; The most popular of these issues, no doubt, was the event that canceled the June 12, 1993 presidential election. bias for political disputes.

In other words, the interest of the judges by directive as directed by the Chief Justice of the Federation to ensure that the politicians do not drag the judiciary into the dark waters is not the basis.

While there may be controversy and there is a great deal to this, what cannot be disputed is the decision to keep the court and the court’s decision, rather than deceptive tactics and political views

Moving forward

In fact, the former Chief Justice of Nigeria, Hon. Judge Walter Onnogen, while officiating at the Federal High Court to mark the start of the new year law, said:

“Ladies and gentlemen, as the election year approaches, your court will be filled with pre-election and litigation applications. Undoubtedly, litigation about the election is an inevitable part of the electoral process. While INEC has the responsibility to conduct and organize elections, the judiciary and its constituents are responsible for resolving disputes arising from this process. “

However, despite the fact that the law of the past is oppressive, I think they should be detained and the judges should be left to give them special cases. Many times will need to be involved in court to ensure that the case is not lost.

Therefore, what is required is to proceed in informing the judges about the line, which is well established by the length of the sentence, to which the first order will be issued. As mentioned earlier, the most important of these is the requirement that they must be given only if urgent. Furthermore, attorneys will also be given permission where they violate these principles or where they have clearly demonstrated intent to misuse the system.

In my 2002 Injunctions and Enforcement of Court Orders, I mentioned on page 26 as follows: “Despite the gross abuses of some judges and lawyers, keeping unnecessary rules is still a part. civil law in Nigeria. Therefore, it is wrong for a judge to decide that he will not issue an injunction without the authority despite the benefits of the previous application. It is highly recommended that any custom application be treated on its own. ”

I remain in the same vein, and I join the Chief Justice of Nigeria in calling on judges and lawyers to continue to support, as they have done for decades, the highest traditions and values. of the work.

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