Bukele of El Salvador won the highest court award for running for re-election – GCFRNG

Bukele of El Salvador won the highest court award for running for re-election – GCFRNG

The Supreme Court in El Salvador has ruled that the president can serve a two-term, opening the door for President Nayib Bukele to run again in 2024.

Central American election officials said Saturday that it will abide by the controversial decision of the Supreme Court.

The court ruled that lifting the 10-year ban between the two terms as president was no longer necessary, taking effect immediately.

The decision comes four months after a parliamentary session, dominated by Bukele’s New Ideas party, was overturned by the Supreme Court and several judges in Bukele.

Protesters were outraged by the judges’ decision this weekend to reconsider a bill for the benefit of a president whose critics have repeatedly accused him of pursuing government policies.

Human Rights Watch president Jose Miguel Vivanco wrote on Twitter on Saturday when Bukele received a green light to hold the election immediately.

The United States has criticized the move, saying it “sets out a clear plan to infringe on the independence of the judiciary and remove too many reforms in the executive branch.”

“The reduction of democracy undermines US relations and seeks to retain the government of El Salvador and tarnish the image of El Salvador as a democracy and a credible region,” the spokesman said. U.S. Department of State spokesman Ned Price said this. statement.

“The United States calls on President Bukele to reaffirm his commitment to democracy, including the separation of powers and the rule of law.”

Bukele, 40, won in 2019 on anti-terrorism, solid platform of crime. Showcasing jeans and baseball caps, he appealed to young voters and others who have no confidence in traditional politics.

Critics say he quickly began to pursue a more authoritarian approach and a more cautious approach to separating the country.

In February 2020, Bukele sent troops to the parliament to force lawmakers to approve his budget.

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