Book on transitioning from employee to employer -GCFRNG

Book on transitioning from employee to employer -GCFRNG

JOBA Consult CEO Kayode Adeogun has advised Nigerian graduates not to rely on paper qualification for their main livelihood.

Adeogun revealed this over the weekend at the launch of his new book titled “Harness Your Wits.” While speaking to reporters about the newly published book, the author explained that the book, “Take Advantage of Ingenuity,” contains strategies for the transition from paid employment to entrepreneurship.

According to the author, “Harnessing ingenuity contains strategies for the transition from paid employment to entrepreneurship. I also mentioned in the book that young people should not depend on paper grades, it will only limit them to what they can achieve in life. He also noted that the book is a must-read for a wide range of readers, saying, “It is a must-have for entrepreneurs, students, consultants, coaches, teachers, leaders, team leaders, coaches, researchers, expert knowledge sharing, etc. “

The occasion’s chairman, Dr. Teni Adesanya, represented by GMD, Oxford Real Estate Calculations, Sam Agwu, noted that the book will be very helpful to potential entrepreneurs and others doing business in today’s political climate. He congratulated the author on a job well done and recommended the book to all entrepreneurs, as well as others, planning to start a business. He also commented that “the book is appropriate for those who have unfulfilled dreams and feel incapacitated by one circumstance or another.”

The book was reviewed by corporate culture strategist Bosede Olusola-Obasa, who noted that it provides helpful advice for the transition from paid employment to entrepreneurship. The reviewer described the author as someone who has experienced the transition on his own and could offer readers a fantastic combination of practical experience and expertise.

In the book, readers will find how self-discovery is critical to personal development, the need to focus on developing competence, and the critical factors that relate to starting a profitable business.

Educational consultant Emmanuel Iruonagbe, who was among the dignitaries gracing the event, described the author as a passionate personality with immeasurable ideas, emphasizing, “Kayode Adeogun is a fantastic partner, a writer with many ideas and is passionate about empowering people. to also be good writers. “

Speaking on the occasion, Leadhand Educational Services and Consultancy Executive Director Ms Gift Godfrey described the author as an intentional educator and a phenomenal personality, adding: “I must admit that the author is a phenomenal personality and it is a beautiful thing to be. part of a success story. My advice to future entrepreneurs is to engage in capacity development, entrepreneurship is all about mindset. It goes beyond starting a business. “

Other notable dignitaries who graced the book’s launch include publisher of urban express online news, Olusegun Ariyo, CEO of Priceless Gold; Mr. Oladele Victor, Founder of the Commission Agents Association of Nigeria (ERCAAN) and Chief Michael Adeogun.

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Book on transitioning from employee to employer -GCFRNG

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