Best Websites to Watch Movies in Theatre for Free

This article on best websites to watch movies in theatre for free is aimed at educating you on how to use these websites to enjoy your relaxation time. Many may ask how one can watch movies in theatres at home but this post says it all. We will be discussing on the various websites to watch movies in theatres for free. So, there can be access to websites to watch movies in theatres.

Various Websites to Watch Movies in Theatre for Free

According to research, we have narrowed down the list to the best websites to watch movies in theatre for free. Therefore, the websites shall be looked into as we discuss further.


If you are looking for a free theatre movie streaming website with a plethora of movies and TV shows, WatchFree is perfect for you. Users are mostly enthralled and attracted by its enticing interface. Due to the vast array of movies offered by this website, you are assured of finding any movie you want. This is so possible because asides the vast collection of movie, the website is updated on a daily basis. Therefore, if you search for a recently released movie and it’s not there today, it will be there next time you check.


It is known by all that YouTube is filled with vloggers, content creators and even original content. Though not many know that beyond YouTube originals, there are tons of movies and TV shows offered by them. Indeed, there is a vast collection of movies that you can watch for free in its online library. The free library might not be the biggest on the list but its movies cut across all categories.


Another perfect website to watch recent theatre movies and shows is FlixTor. The best part of this website is the smooth flow of movies without pop-ups or interruptions by ads. In addition, there’s no interference from sign-up hassles. With a wide range of movies cutting across all genres, you are offered the opportunity to watch for free. If you desire free and uninterrupted streaming, then just visit this website and navigate for movies of your liking.

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Kanopy tends to be the perfect site for free movie streaming if you are a lover of artsy or classic films. Though the watching of movies in this website is free, they see to it that viewers are provided with high-quality movies.


One cannot talk about streaming websites that are for free and require no sign up without mentioning Crackle. Indeed, streaming for free on all devices is offered by it without frustrating interruptions from ads. Therefore, all you have to do is explore the plethora of options it has to offer and enjoy your leisure period.


This website stands as one of the most well-known websites for watching of movies in theatres free. Its top feature is in the fact that one is not interrupted with creating accounts or paying any fee. In addition, the whole movie and TV shows of the media industry offers are placed within your accessibility. Vumoo is widely loved and used by many as a result of its easy accessibility and high-quality. The website might not provide for many genres but detailed insights is given on the movie ratings, directors, and even runtime.


Several contents are offered to you by this website as well as the watching of movies in theatre for free. You can explore the movies smoothly as there are no interrupting pop-ups, account creation, ads or sign-ups. Note that they have a shortcoming of not having all the recent releases you might want. However, a wonderful and enthralling experience is offered by this website to its users.

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Due to the right qualities and reasons, this is a famous website among the streaming sites that allow you watch movies for free. The features offered by it include streaming for free without signing up, no pop-ups or ads. In addition, it offers high-quality movies, and a wide selection of genres of movies. Therefore, your entertainment is made fun without any interruptions. Indeed, the website is trusted by many and it’s highly recommended by lots of viewers.


Among the top rated movie streaming sites, 5Movies is one that allows you watch movies for free. There is no requirement for sign-up and you will really love it here if you are an Asian drama lover. In addition, they also offer free TV shows, series, anime and movies. Nice features such as a full-screen player and a fast streaming speed can be associated with this website. If you desire a website to stream contents with little to zero lagging, then 5Movies is ideal for you.


For those that wish to stream free anime theatre movies without having to sign-up, Viewster is the best website to use. Although it doesn’t specialize only on anime but also serves as a good website for latest Hollywood/ Bollywood movies. Note that though it majorly focuses on anime movies, it offers movies from other categories as well. Established in 2007, it has been in existence for thirteen years and more but has not reduced in movie quality or movie collection.

How One Can Watch Movies in Theatres at Home

Many may wonder how this is possible but just like streaming of movies, there are other legal means of watching movies in theatres. As long as you use these means, you can easily watch movies that are legal and secure against viruses and malware. Though they come with a monetary price, they are quite safe and legal to use. Therefore, you can go ahead and try any of the following means discussed below.

Amazon Prime Video

This is a subscription video that requires over-the-top streaming and engaging of rental service. The monthly membership fee costs $14.99 meanwhile a yearly membership fee costs $139. For those who wish to be part of its prime video membership, they have to pay the sum of $8.99 on a monthly basis.

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The website known as FanadangoNow has moved to Vudu in recent times. With this website, you will not be able to watch movies in theatres at home for free. However, you will still be able to watch movies and stream Live shows online. There’s no exact price tag as whatever you are looking for determines the cost. A price of $5.99 goes for new movies in theatres online in HD.

Internet Company On-Demand

In order to stream movies in theatres for free, another means is to use your internet service to pay for a single package on-demand. In addition, a Cinema service package from your internet company can be used to watch free movies in Cinema. Moreover, a confidential passcode is offered generally by cable companies for premium cable. As a result of this, there’s a guarantee of you accessing pre-release movies in a theatre.

Access to Websites to Watch Movies in Theatres

A lot of people search for means to watch movies in theatres due to the transition of the world to several streaming options. Though some might not know this until now but there are websites that offer such opportunity. Movie tickets displaying in your local theatre can be gotten as well from online movie ticketing sites. Lots of nice features are offered by these sites as they give you knowledge of reviews and trailers as well as movie time and location. For peace of mind and convenience, it’s recommended that you purchase tickets online either with credit or debit card. Furthermore, some of the streaming options have apps that give users knowledge of showtimes and allow them buy tickets from the app.

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Hopefully, this article on best websites to watch movies in theatre for free has opened your eyes to the array of opportunities. You just need to explore these websites and watch theatre movies and other contents online for free. Indeed, this will help make your leisure time more relaxing and entertaining.

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