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This article on best online marketing tools is aimed at boosting your marketing strategies. Indeed, things have evolved over the years and not much people pay attention to printing press, so we will be educating you on tools for online marketing. Over time, the different types of online marketing tools have served significantly. However, the application of these online marketing tools requires good technology and a solid team. In order to make your ideal choice, we have laid down 10 of the best online marketing tools.

About Online Marketing

Indeed, all can attest to the fact that print media is moving out of circulation and digital marketing is at the helm of affairs. There are different types of digital marketing plans that one can try out. Therefore, the using of any of the digital strategies to be discussed will help in boosting your marketing efforts.

10 Best Online Marketing Tools

In order to reach out to your target audience, it’s vital to create presence on the important platform. As a result, you don’t need to necessarily be on all the platforms. Therefore, the various online marketing tools to be discussed will help you choose your ideal one.

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Indeed, all social media management tasks can be taken care of by this powerful tool called Loomly. In fact, some prestigious brands like Porsche really trust this online marketing tool. It can be used to send your content on different social media platforms. The content can be created, previewed, approved, and published by this unique tool. Benefits to be enjoyed from this online marketing tools is plenty no matter the size of your business. Those who love working on their own will find its user-friendly library really helpful even for future purposes.

Meanwhile, it can help boost productivity for those who are part of a large marketing team. Most people even use it to put a notification across to their team members instead of constantly sending emails. One of the key features that this marketing tool has is the ability to display the list view and calendar view. Another feature is the posts that are automatically generated and the ad previews. In addition, the hashtag manager, commenting system and approval workflow also serve as a key feature too. Furthermore, it provides you with post ides and analytics and a centralized library to aid asset management.

A free 15-day trial is offered but the marketing tool costs $35 for each month. Although, you can easily save up to 25% of that amount if you choose to pay yearly. Upon request however, custom pricing will be made available.


One of the most prominent online marketing tools is Sendible. Indeed, it is an enjoyable marketing tool as it provides you with everything you need ranging from publishing to analytics. Scheduling your social media posts or adding a hashtag to match will be effectively done by this marketing tools. A calendar view is displayed to you which gives you the advantage of dragging and dropping anything out of place. In addition, it works greatly for teams as it can be used to create workflows or even limit access. Furthermore, it offers you suggestions on contents and gives analytical reports that are in-depth.

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Another of its key features is the fact that it offers social listening and keyword alerts. Just like Loomly, they offer a free trial and after it comes the pricing of $29 each month. Up to 15% can be saved though if you opt to pay yearly.


For those who wish to make email marketing simple and save money, EmailOctopus is the ideal marketing tool. Regardless of the size of your business, this marketing tool provides you with vital features to boost your audience. Various advantages ranging from building your list of subscribers to creating efficient marketing campaigns. In addition, its pre-designed template can be used or a new one built to reach out to subscribers. An email sequence can be created by you in order for your email marketing to be on autopilot. Indeed, its landing page is mobile-friendly and it has email templates.

Furthermore, it provides advanced segmentation and offers reporting. Up to 2,500 subscribers and 10,000 emails get a free plan from this online marketing tool monthly. However, pricing begins at just $8 each month if your needs are higher than this.


This particular online marketing tool is ideal for email marketing as your business can be marketed to several channels. Your sales and revenue will be boosted by the sophisticated email marketing automation that it offers. Asides this, other advantages include personalization, reporting, workflows and triggered campaigns. Its ability of social sharing also makes it one of the best online marketing tools. The reports given by it helps you select emails with the most engagement and convert them only. Due to its plethora of responsive templates, it serves greatly in creating beautiful emails. There’s an in-built image editor and advanced template management system to assist you if you wish to customize to match your brand.

In addition, it has the key features of segmentation, localization, conversion tracking, and responsive email templates. Furthermore, you can move out anything inconvenient by using the drag-and-drop editor. They offer a full free trial for 30 days while pricing begins at $59 monthly.

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Online brands that wish to leverage the power of affiliate marketing can achieve this with Refersion as it focuses strongly on eCommerce. In addition, it can also be used for influencer marketing and brand ambassador programs. Indeed, the various stages of affiliate marketing which include payment, reporting and campaign management is achieved with this online marketing tool. One of its impressive key features is the fact that it has its own marketplace. Another key feature is the sign-up and registration pages that are customizable. Furthermore, there is the automated payment scheduling and dashboard summary view.

Lastly, it offers robust reporting and several payment options. Pricing begins at $99 monthly after a free trial.


The beauty of this online marketing tool is that it offers empowerment to your employees on social media which in turn boosts social engagement and visibility. In order to simplify this for your team, branded content should be shared in a centralized library. This is because the scheduling and publishing of posts will be quicker. Just as it’s time-saving, it also makes sure all shared contents are approved and matches with your brand. Indeed, it offers the key features of recommended content and content expiration dates. Furthermore, it provides a personal dashboard for every employee. Upon the request of the enterprise, pricing is made available.

Post Affiliate Pro

With more than 500 reviews on this online marketing tool, it stands as one of the best online marketing tool. It serves several purposes such as tracking performance, managing various affiliate marketing programs, and approving payments. Other interesting features that it provides includes direct links tracking and in-depth reporting. Note that it’s not cheap regardless of the fact that it is majorly aimed at medium-sized businesses. However, you won’t regret paying for it as it offers a rich software.

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In addition, it has the key features of mass payment and performance rewards. Furthermore, it offers a free mobile app, fraud protection, and several kinds of banners. Once you have completed a free 14-day trial, pricing begins at $129 monthly.


With this online marketing tool, you can channel the activeness of your workforce into sharing sales content on active social media platforms. The freedom to develop their own contents can be given to them or you can convince them to share already-designed content. Indeed, this serves as one of the best means to gain social engagement as the audience appreciates authentic content to paid ads. Its key features are scheduled notifications, leaderboards, robust reports, analytics and in-depth insights. Pricing begins at $24 monthly for each user after a two-week free trial. In addition, a free starter plan is also provided by this online marketing tool.


For smaller businesses looking forward to working with influencers, this simple marketing tool is perfect. Though they do not have a wide range of influencers, access to a nice influencer marketing network is offered. Also, it gives you everything needed in order to find influencers, communicate with them, and pay them. With this online marketing tool, all works will be completed before the release of payment. Most of its key features are influencer discovery, campaign health check, and assisted campaign set up. A free plan is offered by it alongside three subscription options and pricing begins at $99 monthly.

Sprout Social

This award-winning online marketing tool is perfect for social media management and monitoring for brands. Asides boosting your online marketing plan, it also brings about transformation to your brand in the aspect of online reputation. Quite the most affordable online marketing tool and can be utilized by businesses of any size. Several key features are seen in this online marketing tool such as social listening, approval workflows, smart inbox and analytics. In addition, it offers effective brand monitoring, user-friendly reporting, and perfect timing suggestions. Pricing begins at $89 monthly for each user after they must have completed a free 30-day trial.

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Indeed, it can be said that this article on best online marketing tools have proved quite helpful. Regardless of how strong your workforce is, the volume of tasks in your hands can outweigh you. Therefore, these online marketing tools serve as a significant means to drastically reduce the workload.

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