Being promiscuous a thing of the mind – Actor, Johnson Igbokwe -GCFRNG

Nigerian actor based in Malaysia, Igbokwe Chika Johnson, in a chat with Potpourri has avowed that he is a not run-of-the-mill actor who could be stereotyped as being promiscuous. According to him, being promiscuous is a matter of choice and a thing of the mind and has nothing to do with being a public figure or celebrity.

He said, “Being promiscuous is a thing of the mind. Actors may be the usual culprits in this matter but some actors, male and female have been clean. They have proven it is not a disease common to the profession. As for me, I am a one-woman kind of person, the value of family is very important to me. I have never been enchanted with dating several women. Yes, being an actor opens up the window into the world of promiscuity but like I said earlier, it is a thing of the mind and not an industry thing exclusive to actors,” he said.

Igbokwe also stated that he cannot take up a role that entails going nude before the camera, citing his reasons and affirming he might even include the clause in his contract.

“Sincerely, going nude is my limitation. I can never go nude in a movie. I’m an African man with certain values and beliefs and going nude to express a character or to pass any message of sorts is going overboard for me. Thankfully, Asian films don’t have many portrayals of nude scenes. I can even go as far as adding clauses in my contract that guarantee no nudity would be asked of me,” he said blatantly.

Igbokwe Chika Johnson has made a name for himself in Malaysia and indeed in the Asian countries, having filmed and done commercials in Indonesia, Japan and India. But he is yet to record a caper in the Nigerian movie industry and he’s seriously looking in the direction towards home.

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