BBNaija S6: Tega’s Husband Said He Will Give Her a Second Chance if She Apologizes — GCFRNG

BBNaija S6: Tega’s Husband Said He will give Her a second chance if she apologises — GCFRNG

Ajeboh Krislawrence, Tega’s husband – who was recently evicted from Big Brother Naija – has said he will give his wife a second chance if she returns and apologizes for his actions while in Big Brother house.

Krislawrence added that he would not leave his wife, despite some video clips appearing on the internet suggesting that she and her partner, Boma cheated on him.

According to him, although saddened by his wife’s actions and broken, he believes he needs her now more than ever.

In an Instagram Live interview with Tunde Ednut, Krislawrence said he was shocked by his wife’s behavior while at BBNaija’s house.

He said, “I am so sad and scared, I can’t lie. I could not leave my house because there were so many stories on the road. I am broken. Basically, I was broken too. I have land. I will not lie. Tega used to be a good girl. Let me forget this part of her, she was a good girl. I was shocked; when I saw her, I said that this was not my wife. It is as if they were closing it off because that would not have been Tega.

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I have never seen this part of Tega because she is a God-fearing woman. He never disobeyed me. This is a different Tega I see. I was very surprised. I fell to the ground and broke. I wish the Tega I knew in the first place was not the Big Tega house of Big Brother. “

Krislawrence revealed that if his wife regretted it, he would accept her back. He went on to ask Nigerians to pray for his family.

He said, “I am only human, we are all human. I believe we have all sinned and God will forgive us. If I do anything funny now, I don’t know what can happen. I believe he knew it was terrible but I believe he needs us now more than ever.

“I shall not throw it away; she is my wife. Yes, it has disappointed me, but I think these things are coming to a marriage. There is no perfect marriage. I have never had a problem before for my marriage of the last four years. We have not had a problem. Since this is our first word, I don’t think I should give it up. All we want is for Nigerians to pray for us.

“If he comes back to apologize, I will give him a second chance; but if he comes and says what he did is right, I will let him go. ”

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