Chinese woman carelessly shared QR code online Bills $60,000

Under this news article, you will read of a Chinese woman that carelessly shared a Restaurant QR code online. Read to find out full details. Chinese woman receives $60,000 bills over leak QR code online. The woman named Wang, mistakenly posted her table’s ordering QR code on her WeChat page while intending to share food … Read more

Chinese battery giant CATL disconnects.

Under this update it’s about Chinese battery giant CATL has hit back at U.S. , Read More for full details. Duke energy disconnecting batteries made by CATL Duke Energy reporting on Wednesday that Duke Energy disconnected batteries not because of its own security concerns but instead after lawmakers raised concerns which triggers the connection. it had … Read more

Israel joined Hanukkah festive to honor hostages.

Under this post it is centered on how Isreal joined the Hanukkah celebrations to honor hostages through Candlelight march, Read more here. Israel honors hostages through the Hanukkah festival. The Families of hostages have been gathering in Karmiel, northern Israel, as the country observes the Jewish festival Hanukkah which they joined the festival to do … Read more

Somber festive of Hanukkah in Tel Aviv.

Under this post you will read about the Hanukkah festive celebration in which signifies Jewish festival of light. Continue reading below: What is Hanukkah celebration in somber. Hanukkah dates back to two centuries before the beginning of Christianity and begins on the 25th day of Kislev, a month which occurs in November and December on … Read more

CEO of Australia’s biggest media, steps down; James warburton.

Under this post you will read about one of the biggest media companies in Australia has a leadership turnover over their CEO steps down. Continue reading here full details. Why James Warburton stepped down. James Warburton, the CEO of Seven West Media, will leave his role at the end of the financial year in 2024 … Read more