Lockdown in Melbourne Australia Increased – GCFRNG

Lockdown in Melbourne Australia Increased – GCFRNG. Australian workers on Sunday extended a tough virus lockdown of the country’s second-largest city by two weeks, saying new cases have not yet adequately prevented another outbreak.

Melbourne residents should get out of tight locks in the next six weeks but will have further restrictions until the coming months, Victorian President Daniel Andrews says in this lock will be here until September 28.

“If we open fast then we have a big chance that we are not developing at all – we are starting third waves,” he told reporters.

“We’re going to be back on the block, coming on the lockout, before the year is over.”

Only 63 new cases and five deaths were recorded in Victoria on Sunday, after they jumped more than 700 in the length of the outbreak, but health officials are cautious.

Expectations for return this month have been dashed, with nighttime arrivals, restrictions on visitors and travel restrictions of more than five kilometers (about three miles) must remain at least October 26 .

Explaining the way to reduce stress, Andrews said speeding to get “a little sunshine” can cause the virus to fade away.

The strictest rules will be enforced in Melbourne from September 13, and by the time you get home tonight will start at one o’clock to 9:00 pm, the daily exercise will increase to two hours with a small “bubble relationship” ”For single people.

Under the government’s plan, the day care center will reopen and up to five people will be able to gather outside by the end of September – but only if the case falls below an average of 50 per day.

Legislation for residents of rural and rural Victoria will provide immediate relief, due to the small number of cases in those areas.

The announcement comes a day after more than a dozen protesters were arrested in Melbourne during a police crackdown.

Hundreds of people attended an illegal rally on the Internet of chatters, announcing the government’s response to an infectious disease or “fraud”.

Australia has had some success with this virus, and the country has recorded more than 26,000 cases and 753 deaths out of a total of 25 million.

Most have been reported in Melbourne over the past two months, while other areas have regained control after managing to control the virus.



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