Attack on rail track confirms bandits terrorists — CAN -GCFRNG

Attack on rail track confirms bandits terrorists — CAN -GCFRNG

The Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, has described the attack by bandits on the Abuja-Kaduna railway as a terrorist act, saying that the bandits should be labeled as terrorists.

CAN’s position came when the Northern State Council of the Ansar-ud-Deen Society of Nigeria asked the Federal Government to denounce the sponsors of banditry in Nigeria.

The Christian body said the attack on the railway, which caused the suspension of rail services from Abuja to Kaduna, was an additional cause of concern for the people of Kaduna state and those who came to do business in the state.

The Rev. John Joseph Hayab, vice president of CAN (19 northern states and FCT) and president of the Kaduna state chapter, said in a statement, titled “Attack on the Kaduna – Abuja railway, a final attack by bandits”, that the bandits in Kaduna had become very strong and daring with the government and security agents.

Thank God, Governor El-Rufai himself has asked the federal government to declare the bandits terrorists so that our security forces can kill them. This further shows that the era of denial and playing politics with insecurity is coming to an end.

“Unless we stand firm against those who torment our citizens, these bandits will not let us have peace.

“Now that the bandits are destroying the train tracks, what else have they done to confirm that they are terrorists and enemies of the state?

“Our government should act decisively now before it is too late.”

Meanwhile, the Northern State Council of the Ansar-ud-Deen Society of Nigeria has called on the Federal Government to expose the sponsors of banditry in Nigeria.

The secretary of the Ansar-ud-Deen Society, Council of Northern States, Alhaji Isiaq Sanni, made the call in Kaduna over the weekend, as the Society and the Yoruba community paid tribute to its late president and president, Alhaji Liadi Adeyinka. Olapade, who died on the penultimate Saturday.

Speaking at the Fidau eighth day prayer organized in honor of the late Alhaji Olapade, Ansar-ud-Deen’s secretary said that the deceased lived, worked and died in defense of a united and secure Nigeria through the promotion of education citizen.

He said: “Alhaji Liadi Olapade was a philanthropist, the little things we have seen have shown that he is well loved. He did very well for the Ansar-ud-Deen Society and humanity in general.

“Because of his passion for religion and citizen education, which he used to say is the best way to combat insecurity, he accepted the nomination and represented the Ansar-ud-Deen Council of Northern States very well on the board of directors. from our University, Summit University.

“It is regrettable that the insecurity that Olapade fought for persists today.

“Therefore, we ask the government to do more to fight banditry and other security challenges, because its current effort is not enough to address the challenges.

“The government should tell us those who are behind banditry, those who sponsor insecurity, to let us know those who do not want our beloved country to progress, those who do not like the government.”

In his remarks, the guest speaker and missionary of the Ansar-ud-Deen Society, Council of Northern States, Alhaji Muyideen Ajani Bello, who was represented by the Chief Imam of the Ansar-ud-Deen Society, Zaria, Alhaji Tajudeen Akewusekisa, urged Muslims to prepare for their exit from life.

“We should all be careful and prepare for our departure because a lot of good people have left. Alhaji Olapade was a major donor and supporter of Summit University, Offa. He was very diligent in supporting the da’awah, “he said.

The President of the Osun Indigenous Association and Public Relations Officer, PRO, Yoruba Community in Kaduna State, Alhaji Yunus Ajao Muibi, said that Nigerian youth should emulate the late Alhaji Olapade.

He said: “We are here for Alhaji Liadi Olapade, who died about eight days ago, we are here to pray for him.

“If Alhaji Olapade was able to occupy six or seven leadership positions successfully, then today’s youth must emulate him.

He was an icon, a bridge builder. He was one of those who fought for the creation of the State of Osun. “He was actively involved in the Yoruba community for 25 years, serving as Secretary, Vice President and President.

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Attack on rail track confirms bandits terrorists — CAN -GCFRNG

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