Apple says iPhone 12 meets radiation rules

Apple has contested the conclusions of France’s regulatory body, which asserts that the iPhone 12 emits electromagnetic radiation surpassing the standard exposure levels. The iPhone 12, a now discontinued model introduced in 2020, exhibits a Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) exceeding the European Union’s established standard of 4 watts per kilogram, as stated by France’s National Frequency Agency (ANFR). Earlier on Tuesday, ANFR stated that corrective updates should be implemented on the iPhone 12, or Apple may need to initiate a recall.

In response, Apple released a statement arguing that the iPhone 12 has received certification from various international organizations and is acknowledged to be in compliance with all relevant SAR regulations and global standards. The statement emphasized, “Apple has presented ANFR representatives with numerous results from both Apple and independent third-party laboratories, affirming its adherence.”

According to the report, ANFR conducted tests on 141 phones, revealing that the iPhone 12 exceeded the legally mandated SAR limit by over 40 percent.

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