Anambra Govt consoles Ihiala people over market fire -GCFRNG

Anambra Govt consoles Ihiala people over market fire -GCFRNG

Commitments to help build a standard market

The Anambra state government has comforted the people of Ihiala for the fire that destroyed their main market this afternoon, promising to lead the mobilization of the people in the planning, design and construction of a modern market in the city.

In a message to the people sent through the Information and Public Illustration Commissioner, Mr. C. Don Adinuba, who is an indigenous person from the city; the president of the Ihiala Local Government Transition Committee, engineer Jeff Obi; and the traditional ruler of Ihiala, Igwe Thomas Obidiegwu, as well as the President General of the Union for the Progress of Ihiala, Chief Okey Chukwu, Governor Willie Obiano lamented that “a good number of indigenous people from the city and people from other places , even outside the state, they have lost their livelihoods. “

The fire, the governor noted, claimed not only buildings and market stalls, but also vital goods and perhaps even cash.

He said: “This is the wrong time for such a disaster to happen, especially given the economic situation in the country.”

Chief Obiano promised that a panel would be established to determine the causes of the fire and also make suggestions on how to prevent possible recurrences, noting that “this is the fourth time a fire has occurred in and around this large market in recent years.” . .

He said his administration will seek to complete the establishment of a fire service in the city, but noted that the facility would be of little market value if services such as access roads are not provided.

“A situation where the few access roads available in the market are converted into shops is unacceptable, making it difficult for fire trucks to enter the market to extinguish the fire,” he stated.

The governor also commented that the Nkwogbe market, built in the 1950s, is no longer suitable to meet the challenges of modern times.

“The market,” he said, was built “with highly flammable materials like corrugated iron sheets and planks, and people sold combustible goods like gasoline and keresone everywhere.”

Chief Obiano described a well-planned standard market with sanitary facilities, efficient fire service and state-of-the-art electricity as a “desideratum.”

He announced that the state government would work with the Ihiala Progress Union, the Igwe in Council, the local Ihiala government, prominent people in the city, and other stakeholders such as the merchants union and the Anambra State Ministry of Commerce to provide a market. suitable. .

Governor Obiano described the Nnewi Anambra State Fire Service officers who extinguished the fire as good professionals, adding that when the fire service station in Ihiala “is finished, there will be no need for firefighters to come from other cities to fight in Ihiala except to reinforce or support local efforts ”.

He also praised the youth of Ihiala for volunteering to fight the fire before the firefighters arrived and for cooperating with them when they arrived.

He asked other communities to learn from the youth of Ihiala and cooperate with the firefighters instead of blocking their work.

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