An eye witness confesses about Cheryl Grimmer case: In Fairy Meadow disappearance.

Under this post, it gives headlines of a teenage boy who stole a small child at beach in Australia. Read through to find out on it happened.

what an eye witness narrated to the BBC concerning the missing child that occurred at Australian beach.

An eye witness narrated in details on watching a full grown adult male exiting the female connivence room at the beach. The anonymous eye witnesses asked that his identity should be private and he narrated that when he starred back at the toilet block, he noticed that the victim (the guy) was sort of full-stride with the baby on his arms and he described the guy as having a dark hair, short back and sides and was of average build.

An eye witness also told the BBC on how he heard the cry of the innocent kid which was what got his attention. The anonymous eyewitness also confirms that he did not in any way told police at the time the incident happened because he didn’t not know that the child was in danger and abducted and he also narrated that him and his family doesn’t speak English language as of the time in 1970 they arrived in Australia from Eastern Europe.

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