“An Autopsy should be done” Aproko Doctor speaks on Mohbad’s death

Following the unfortunate news of singer Mohbad’s passing, medical expert Chinonso Egemba, also known as Aproko Doctor, has advocated for a thorough autopsy to be conducted. The 27-year-old rapper’s demise, announced on Tuesday evening, deeply affected the online community, prompting an outpouring of condolences, messages of support, and prayers for the departed soul and those he left behind.

In the wake of this tragic incident, various speculations have emerged from different sources on the internet. Some suggest that Mohbad may have succumbed to depression, given his public acknowledgment of battling the condition while he was alive. Others claim that he may have been afflicted by some form of ‘charm’ during his performance in Ikorodu last Sunday. There are also rumors circulating about his demise being linked to heart complications, potentially related to substance use. Additionally, there’s speculation of him passing out and failing to regain consciousness after receiving an injection for an ear infection.

Amidst these various ‘conspiracy’ theories, Egemba strongly advocates for an autopsy to be conducted on the singer’s body. He emphasized the significance of an autopsy, underlining its importance in resolving the mysteries surrounding unexpected deaths within the entertainment industry. In a tweet, he stated, “An autopsy should and must be done. We need to stop these ‘mysterious’ deaths.”

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