Adokiye Kyrian: Men are eager to take my virginity -GCFRNG

Adokiye Kyrian: Men are eager to take my virginity -GCFRNG

The real reason they label me a lesbian

Popular actress and singer Adokiye Kyrian, who made headlines years ago after revealing that she was still a virgin and that she would remain a virgin until she married, has shared her unsettling experience with men who are making romantic advances to her. .

The ‘Jombolo’ singer said that despite her determination to support herself for her future husband, “some men are eager to take her virginity, saying” they are tirelessly surrounding me and offering me money to sleep with them. “

According to the singer, many of them come to her not because they love me, but because they want to confirm if she is really a virgin.

She also revealed that some of them have gone so far as to ask her to name her the price of her, as long as she agrees to sleep with them.

“I haven’t really put myself in a position where it feels like I’m in a tight corner with someone. But yes, many people are eager and inquisitive to have it. They come not because they love me, but because they want to know if I really am a virgin. Some have asked me to name my price and they will pay it as long as they sleep with me, ”said the singer.

Adokiye said that she has been resisting the temptations of men since she revealed her sexual status.

“It is a matter of decision and discipline. It’s also about finding a way to escape any temptation. I know it will be difficult for anyone to believe me. But you have to believe it. Some people can be strict when it comes to their doctrine. She may not be the only virgin there is, ”said the singer while she was chatting with our reporter.

At 31, Ella Adokiye insists that she is still a virgin and that she will remain a virgin until she finds a man to whom she is willing to give her body and soul.

She, however, decided to return to her village to deliver her body to any of her relatives if she could not find the man of her dreams in the city.

Years ago, the Imo State-born singer received criticism from fans, with some of her urging her to confess her sexuality and tell the world that she is gay rather than claiming that she is a virgin. But refuting her accusation, the singer attributed it to her tomboy appearance of hers, which according to her is the main reason why she is labeled as a lesbian.

Speaking further, the rising singer explained why she was missing from the country’s music scene for a long time.

She said she took a long break from work to learn some new techniques and sharpen her creativity in America. She was trapped along the line, following the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic.

She narrates: “At some point I traveled to America. I was there a long time. I had a very long vacation, training sessions and things that I had to keep up with. “

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“In every moment of your life and your career, you must look for ways to advance; improve your creativity or skills. Every now and then, I try my best to take a break to go see the world and learn some new techniques and things that I will have to follow in life. “

“So for a long time I hadn’t done this kind of trip because of how cumbersome everything around me was at the time. Yet he was trapped in America. In the period when he was planning to return to Nigeria, that was when the whole world was shut down following the outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. And before I knew what was happening, I was stuck because there was no flight returning to the country from the United States. “

“I had to wait until a repatriation flight arrived. So I returned to the country. “

Adokiye said that upon her return to the country, she returned to the studio to record her latest hit song, “Lamborghini Mercy,” produced by Ghana’s top producer Jo-Quaye, who is also the official producer of Stonebwoy. .

According to her, she is putting the finishing touches on the video, which will be released next month. The Imo State-born singer, who is also making waves in the film world, acknowledged that she hasn’t done much, given her years of experience in the entertainment industry.

“By November, the video will be available, but right now we are promoting the audio, making sure it gets the attention it deserves. So far so good, I’m impressed, even though I haven’t done much in the industry.

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