Adekunle Gold Discloses why he works Hard

Nigerian artist Adekunle Gold has expressed his determination to provide a different life for his daughter, Adejare, than the one he experienced while growing up. He emphasized that he is actively working on releasing multiple singles and projects to generate sufficient funds for his child’s education and other necessities. Adekunle Gold shared this sentiment in a recent conversation with renowned YouTuber Tayo Aina, as reported by DailyPost.

He emphasized that his family holds the utmost importance in his life, describing them as the core of his happiness. Adekunle Gold stated, “Being a father is a significant responsibility that I cherish deeply. Knowing that I have a major duty to nurture a queen. You know, my family is my sanctuary. Wherever they are, that’s where I find joy.”

He clarified that his strong work ethic is driven by the desire to ensure that his daughter doesn’t face the same challenges he did while growing up. He explained, “That’s why I’m creating music that helps cover school fees for you all.”

Adekunle Gold also highlighted the convenience of being married to an artist, as it eliminates the need for extensive explanations about his busy schedule. The couple welcomed their daughter, Adejare (nicknamed Dej), in May 2020.

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