Actor Emeka Ike Believe That Family Comes First As He Enjoys Picnic With His Kids

One of the keys to a happy family life is to spend time with them and spend time with them. Nigerian filmmakers do not hide their happiness that he is happy. Many of them enjoy showing off their beautiful families on social media.

Nigerian actor, Emeka Ike has a reason to be proud and proud. She was blessed with beautiful children. A talented filmmaker often travels online to share his beautiful world. He surprised his family as they went for a walk.

Emeka Ike is one of the men who can be considered as a family man. Of course, every parent knows what makes their children happy, and Emeka thinks it’s wise to bring her own children for a vacation today. Well, it is almost impossible to call the biggest Nigerian actors of all time without Emeka Ike.

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He is a veteran actor, filmmaker, producer and philanthropist. A well-known filmmaker after a major stint in a so-called film; ‘Bullying is deadly’. Since then, she has appeared on screen in many Nollywood films.

Over the years, he and other well-known actors in the industry have appeared in numerous films. His career as an actor has not stopped him from recognizing his beautiful family.

Emeka has a good family and is happy to show off her beautiful world. She took her children for vacation today. Writing on her Instagram account, she wrote, “Family is above stardom”. The translator and the author want his followers to share his joy.

However, he agreed that the family should come first and give him all the attention before anything else. Since it was a beautiful weekend, she decided to go out with her children. They are all seen sitting and having fun while taking beautiful pictures.

As we all know, moments like this instill love between parents and their children, thus strengthening the bond between them. So her kids are happy to judge from a photo she shared on her Instagram page.

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