2023: X-raying Musa’s intent to lead APC -GCFRNG

2023: X-raying Musa’s intent to lead APC -GCFRNG

As bigwigs of the ruling Congress of All Progressives, APC, they intensify consultations in their quest to lead the party in preparation for the 2023 general elections; Advice abounds on the need to follow the path of caution.

Facing once again the main opposition, the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, without Muhammadu Buhari on the ballot, underscores the importance of carefully settling for a leader whose work ethic, competence and experience have been tested over time.

For the legislator representing East Niger in the Ninth Senate, Senator Sani Musa; Leading the APC to war in 2023 is not a task for weather-beaten politicians or a job for political novices. Recently, in a parliament with journalists, Musa laid out reasons for stepping into the ring in this way: “I want to bring a new vision, a new direction in the functioning of the APC to build the most acceptable platform that will continue to promote democracy principles for development. constructive and governance “.

For political experts, that brief but illuminating vision statement reveals the legislator as a political strategist whose eyes are fixed on the horizon, beyond the sprint to the 2023 election.

Facing top-tier politicians and former governors such as Ali Modu Sheriff (Borno), Kashim Shettima (Borno) Tanko Al-Makura (Nasarawa), Abdullahi Adamu (Nasarawa), among others, Senator Musa not only jumped into the fray, Rather, it took time to consult with relevant stakeholders and party leaders.

“I have the backing of the relevant stakeholders in the state (Niger). I have the support of the majority of the members of the National Assembly, especially the Senators and many APC governors. With your support, I will emerge as the next APC National President, ”he said.

A few years ago, Musa got more than he bargained for when he launched a bill to sanitize the social media space of hate, bile, and sheer falsehood. Labeled “Internet Falsehood and Tampering Protection Bill of 2019,” the legislator ace had argued that the Internet should and should be harnessed to further the cause of society. By reducing the world to a village, the Internet, the senator argued, should not become a platform to amplify the nation’s religious differences, a dividing line that has done more harm than good.

His words: “One of the disadvantages of the Internet is the spread of falsehood and the manipulation of unsuspecting users. Today, motivated by geopolitical interests and identity politics, state and non-state actors use the Internet to discredit the government, misinform people and turn one group against the other ”.

Taking home the crux of the argument from him, the senator reminded Nigerians to pause for a second and reflect on the lessons of the unnecessary falsehood spread about the person of President Muhammadu Buhari at the height of his ailment ago. some years.

“The deception about the disappearance of President Muhammadu Buhari in London and the supposed replacement of him by a Jubril from Sudan, among others, are things that threaten the peace, security and harmony of our people,” he emphasized.

Musa was recently voted Senator of the Year by Politics Today, a front-line online news tabloid. The newspaper settled for Senator Musa after the legislator beat five other top prize nominees in a highly competitive poll.

According to editor Mallam Nasir Dambatta, Musa, in addition to his integrity and vitality as a grassroots politician, has sponsored 26 bills in the Red House, the highest among the 109 legislators of the 9th Senate, hence the award of “Senator of the Year. “
Upon receiving the award, the legislator said that recent events in the country have vindicated his call for the regulation of social networks in the country. Thanking the event organizers for the honor, Senator Musa said the award encouraged him to continue with his convictions, which include conclusive legislation on the regulation of social media in the country, the empowerment of people, the inclusion of women and youth in the governance architecture of the country and job creation.

His words: “I dedicate the award to my constituency. They discovered me and sent me here. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here doing my best and contributing my quota in terms of legislation for good governance and the betterment of our beloved nation.

“In his speech, the editor mentioned integrity as one of the reasons they honor me today. I appreciate the fact that some people sincerely observe us and take note of our efforts and the strong patriotism and principles that govern our activities in the Senate. This is because money cannot give integrity. It is my words and deeds that have earned me this award and I am grateful.

“The murky nature of our politics has caused people to lose confidence in it. But I am not losing confidence in the fact that I am in the right place and our country is in good hands under this administration. Our country has everything it takes to be much bigger than this. We have the resources, the people, and the brains. We in government are doing our best. But the best of us seems not to be enough sometimes. But we will get there.

“This is a shared responsibility. We need the press to do better so that the country is bigger than this. The press cannot blame us alone for what is happening now because they are the fourth estate in the kingdom. When we suggested regulating social media, the mainstream media did not support us. But from the EndSARS events to the ongoing crises across the country, aren’t we justified?

He continued: “I continue to defend my social media regulation bill as the best thing for Nigeria at this time if we are to manage our unity in diversity and live in peace with each other. If we keep getting off social media like this, to operate without any control or regulation, the country can go up in flames.

Look at the EndSARS. Social media was used to mobilize people to join in the destruction. I spend all my time on social media and I know what happens there, some of which is positive. But negative things can set the country on fire if we don’t regulate it. Just like what they do in Dubai and other organized societies, we can regulate social media in such a way that if you post bad, fake, toxic or unhealthy content, you get a warning to remove it or you are forced to remove it. it is removed by a regulatory authority.

“Isn’t the social media regulation bill that was rejected now being practiced with the solid agreement that the Federal Government obtained from Twitter after the ban? Twitter will now have an office here, pay taxes, and abide by the high standard here. That’s the beginning of the social media regulation that we proposed. We are coming gradually, ”he said.

Under the proposed bill, for people who post false information on the Internet, the “fine for offenders rises to N300,000 for individuals and up to N10 million for corporate organizations and up to three years in prison, or both.”

Sani, who does not keep his lips sealed in times of crisis, has put President Buhari in a bind, reminding him of the imperative to rid the country of banditry and terrorism, even as he aligned his voice with that of his Senate colleagues appointing him. the murderers. on the ground, as the terrorists would accelerate the military attack against them, thus accelerating the process of ending the violent campaign of more than a decade.

“Unless and until we label these criminals as terrorists, our law enforcement agencies will not have the unlimited power to treat them the way they should be treated,” he added.

The ruling party’s national presidential race pits veteran politicians against each other, but Sani maintains that what the APC needs to lubricate its engine before the big test is fresh political oil. His plan to lead a self-sufficient party capable of paying his bill without resorting to begging, cap in hand, has won the hearts of party stakeholders, including a good number of governors, ex-governors, ministers and heads of agencies. governmental. , many of whom have since endorsed his aspiration.

So to speak, the party would do well to reduce the number of obstacles in the race until 2023 by ensuring that those with cases pending before the anti-bribery commissions are excused from their presidential position, at least for now.

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2023: X-raying Musa’s intent to lead APC -GCFRNG

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