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Prime Day Lego deals made me do what Black Friday didn’t – actually buy a set



I’m the person at GCFRNG who covers Lego deals during things like Prime Day and Black Friday. This means I spend ten or more hours a day poring through bricky price-cuts, but despite seeing some great discounts, I’ve never actually bought a Lego set in the sales…

…until now. You see, the Prime Day Lego deals are a step up from the ones we saw over Black Friday last year, in a big way. There are fewer sets discounted, that’s for sure, but the price-cuts that are around, are so much better than we’ve seen before.

Over Black Friday 2020, the average price cut on a set was about 20%, but I’d say during the current Prime Day sales, around 40% is closer to the mark. We’re seeing plenty of sets hit their lowest-ever prices, including some sets that are typically discounted in this kind of sale, but also on some newer kits.

My favorite Lego sets are the Lego Architecture range, and when I caved, I bought a set that I’d been eyeing for a while – that’s the London Skyline set. I do live in London, and can see some of its landmarks from where I’m sitting right now, so the new low price of £28 (in my region) made it a must-buy. When doing my research for this article, though, I’ve just noticed it’s hit an even lower price of £23. Oops.

While this is a Prime Day deal in the UK (as the price, and my comments about seeing London landmarks, indicate), there are plenty of similar great ones in the US too, so I’d definitely recommend perusing the Prime Day US Lego deals or Prime Day UK Lego deals for some great temptation.

Actually, you know what? I’m going to peruse Amazon and find some of the best ‘oh, why not’ deals that might tempt you. Maybe you’ll find your own London Skyline – and it beats me having to find any good iPad deals to write about.

(Not in the US or UK? Scroll down for deals in your region).

Today’s best Lego deals on Prime Day in the US

Lego Ideas Ship in a Bottle: at Amazon | $69.99 $48.99
I absolutely love this piratey decorative set – more than I would an actual ship in a bottle, as it’s a lovely thematic piece. This 30% discount brings the set to its lowest price in the US – it almost makes me wish I lived in the States to take advantage of it!
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Lego Star Wars The Mandalorian Razor Crest: at Amazon | $129.99 $77.99
This is a pretty great deal – the Razor Crest from the Mandalorian is available for over $50, bringing it to its lowest price. This set sold out almost immediately over Black Friday, so if you’re keen to pick it up for yourself, we’d recommend acting fast.

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Lego Hidden Sides Newbury Abandoned Prison: at Amazon | $39.99 $23.99
I actually wrote a feature on Lego Hidden Sides when it first launched in 2019 (which you can read here). Basically, after building the set, there’s an AR smartphone app you can use to play games with it. It’s designed for kids, and is great for entertaining them.
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Lego Super Mario starter course: at Amazon | $59.99 $47.99
There are lots of bigger Super Mario fans than I, but that’s why I’m highlighting this deal, as the Lego Super Mario sets seem to be making a big splash. This is the starter set you need if you’re going to buy more.
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Today’s best Lego deals on Prime Day in the UK

Lego Star Wars Luke’s X-Wing Fighter: at Amazon | £44.99 £29.99
You can save £15 on this classic fighter, which comes with some minifigures of the biggest characters from the series (and someone called General Dodonna). Like lots of the Lego Star Wars discounts, this is a new low price on the set.
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Lego Architecture London Skyline: at Amazon | £44.99 £26.99
This is the set I was talking about in the introduction to this article – it’s seen discounts numerous times before, but it’s never come this low before. In fact, it’s even lower at the time of writing, but I think that’s a limited-time deal so I’m going to post the ‘real’ deal price above.
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Lego Friends Central Perk: at Amazon | £64.99 £40.99
I probably don’t need to describe this set, as if you’re even vaguely interested in it, you’ll know what it is. Lego recently unveiled a second Friends set based on the apartments, so it’s cool to see this one discounted.
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Lego Technic McLaren Senna GTR: at Amazon | £44.99 £28.99
You can get £14 off this McLaren racing car, as it’s down to its lowest ever price thanks to Prime Day since it went on sale at the end of 2020.

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More Lego deals

No matter where you live, you’ll find all the lowest prices for certain Lego sets from around the web right here, with offers available in your region. 

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