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Worldreader offers free digital reading solutions



Worldreader, a non-profit organization, is offering two free digital reading solutions which will be available on mobile phones for easy navigation.

The two digital reading solutions; BookSmart and the Worldreader app seeks to help parents, primary students, and youth maintain reading skills, learn new subjects, and alleviate stress during this pandemic.

The first package titled BookSmart targets young and primary-aged children.

It gives parents, caregivers, and primary students themselves access to a library, so they can continue learning while physical schools are out of session.

“BookSmart starts with a free base collection – 75+ great local and international books suitable for young readers and their parents available via the Google Play Store or web browser. The light app, optimized for all connection speeds, keeps data costs low. And, books can be saved for offline reading for those with limited data.”

The second solution for older students and young adults is a free Worldreader app which is available via the Google Play Store or web browser.

“It features hundreds of books for learning and pleasure, in categories including Learn, Health, and Career. As with BookSmart, books can be saved for later, limiting data use and saving costs. Over 100,000 people already read from it each month, with new readers joining each day.”

These digital solutions will help students continue reading while schools are out of session following the Coronavirus outbreak.