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Lagos maid scares boss with knife after stealing money and belongings



A young woman identified as Esther USEN Achiebong who is among house-helps working for a businesswoman was arrested in Lago State by some police officers for stealing money and properties from the family’s residence where she is working as a Maid.

Esther who hails from Cross Rivers State was arrested following a distress call made to the police by her boss who was afraid when the maid grabbed a knife and ran to the toilet. The boss who was not sure whether Esther wanted to threaten her or kill herself with the knife quickly seek help from Police.

Esther met her waterloo after the gateman narrated strange things that he has been seeing the maid doing shortly after her arrival into the house. Within 13 days in the house, the maid stole thousands of Naira, expensive clothes and other items.

Further investigation revealed that she is a notorious thief wanted in Akwa Ibom and other places. One of her victim disclosed via phone conversation that Esther ran away with her Gold jewelries.

Her Boss, Tracynither Nicolas Ohiri, while sharing the video from the scene of the incident wrote;

“This is Esther USEN Achiebong from Cross Rivers State. She has worked with me for only 13 days. For these 13 days she worked for me, she stole my children’s money worth N64,000 (she broke their saving box and sealed it back) cloths and Household items. Her elder sister who works with Garment Care comes to the gate to pick the items up from her every evening. She pretends she is going to buy recharge card carrying those items in a Dustbin nylon. Besides her Salary is N50k.

“Fellow Campers I searched Esther’s wallet and found some phone numbers. I just spoke with one Mrs Uzo Ayonnuke & to my shock the woman said Esther Stole so much from her & they have been looking for her since December

“After the last lady she worked for spoke to her through my phone, Esther stood up, ran into my kitchen, grabbed a Knife and ran into my guest toilet & locked herself. We have called the police, they are on their way.

Watch video from the scene of incident below;

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