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Coca-Cola Foundation awards $100,000 grant to MEDIC



AS part of its efforts towards empowering women and youths, the Coca-Cola Foundation has awarded $100,000 grant to Mental and Environmental Development Initiative for Children (MEDIC), towards a recycling scheme for Women and Youth Empowerment (RESWAYE).

According to the statement made available to The Nation, Nigeria currently generates an estimated 32 million tons of solid waste per year, one of the highest amounts in Africa, of which plastic constitutes 2.5 million tons of the figure.

Coca-Cola is currently running a world without waste program which seeks to not only educate people on waste disposal, but also to work with relevant stakeholders such as MEDIC to improve plastic waste disposal and recycling procedure.

Speaking on behalf of The Coca-Cola Foundation (TCCF) on the grant awarded to REWAYE, Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability Manager, Coca-Cola Nigeria, Nwamaka Onyemelukwe said, “What RESWAYE does, is to focus on two crucial passion points for us at Coca-Cola which are Women Empowerment and Sustainable Waste Management. We recognize the importance of preserving our environment and we are passionate about empowering women to reach their full potential. For this reason, we are excited to be partnering with MEDIC on this.”

It has been revealed that there are twice as many women below the poverty line than men, and up to 19 times as many men in executive positions than women in Nigeria. As a result of this, a considerable amount of effort is being put into Female empowerment in Nigeria. This will no doubt complement our efforts on our 5 by 20 programme.

MEDIC is an NGO focused towards building sustainable environment and oceans through improved education and job creation for more resilient communities.