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Wale Saranda’s midas touch – The Nation Newspaper



By Oladapo Sofowora


Adewale Adesina, with the sobriquet, Wale Saranda, needs no introduction in the business and society terrain. The well known astute businessman sit atop the affairs of Western Group as its head honcho.

Saranda has dominated the business terrain in the south western part of Nigeria like a veteran in the game. Most expecially, with his philanthropic gestures, he has alleviated those around him from poverty and empowered them for self sufficiency.


Although he has remained silent about his latest accomplishment, sources close to the dandy businessman said 2019 was indeed a good year for Saranda.

“His Western Group company, with vast interest mainly mining and construction, was able to stay afloat despite the harsh economic turbulence it faced over the years.

He introduced tremendous innovation into the running of his business, to help position the company in the right position for business opportunities across board.”

The well-travelled businessman has injected new organisational policy focus and targets for his various business interests.

The move is aimed at ensuring efficiency and accountability in the operation of his company. In a bid to give back some substantial amount back to charity, Wale has been quite active in his philanthropic gestures. He is quietly assisting many with empowerment schemes, particularly in Abeokuta, Ogun state.