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How God Used BellOnoja To Humble Evil Leaders, Prophets Of Doom In Kogi State – Felix Omachoko



WITH God all things are possible. If men were God, something bad would have happened, but men are not God and can never be. The above assertion underscores the victory BellOnoja in the just concluded election in Kogi State. The outcome of the poll is a big lesson, an eye-opener to every Kogites irrespective of your religion, status, and tribe.

It happened at a time some pseudo-analysts and prophets of doom had prophesied that it was impossible. Some of these people have bestrode the corridors of power for decades with nothing good to offer the State. They represent the vicious cycles stagnating the State’s progress and development. Ahead of the Governorship election, they vowed that Bello would never return as a Governor of the State. Everything, including ethnicity and primordial sentiments, was thrown at him to demonize his person and other members of his team. It was a campaign of calumny like never before. Kogites were being brainwashed with all sorts of lies and gimmicks. But they forgot that the Youths know better and would take a wise decision when the chips are down.

Today Kogites have decided and Bello is the Governor-elect. So the questions are: where are the influence peddlers who are always bestriding the corridors of power, holding the State to ransom, dictating who gets what for their Selfish reasons? Where are the praised singers and the shameless godfathers who vowed that Bello and Edward Onoja would never return? Where are the prophets of doom who prophesied otherwise about Bello’s victory? Where are those who wished Bello and CEDO dead?

The Victory of BellOnoja is a message that Kogites are not docile and dullards as some opportunistic and accidental leaders believe. It has revealed that henceforth, no leader should take the people’s power for granted on any account. It has underscored the point that history could be made or marred one day and nothing is permanent except change. It has proved that Kogi State is growing and maturing politically and democratically. Once again, Congratulations to the New Direction team.
Felix Omachoko.

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