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Re: Supporters Disagree With Faleke on Bello’s Second Term Bid




The Kogi West Progressives Stakeholders wishes to describe the story currently trending online and written by one Adeyemi Jacob over what transpired on Thursday consultative meeting of the group in Abuja as baseless, complete distortion of the truth, reckless, unfounded and aimed at misleading the general public ahead of the November 16th gubernatorial election.

The sponsors of the malicious publication are disgruntled mischief makers and elements of darkness who are set out to frustrate all effort by the Audu/Faleke group to explore all available channels towards genuine reconciliation of warring factions in the party APC.

We wish to state that anyone who harbours the belief that Kogi West Stakeholders held a meeting yesterday and that there were disagreements and fracas is, surely, living in a fool’s paradise.

The writer merely published his wishes which is never a reflection of what transpired in the meeting, it is therefore absurd to say that Kingley Ogah presided over a meeting of Kogi West where eminent sons and daughters of the district were present, this indeed was to underrate the entire Kogi West progressives under the leadership of Chief Benjamin Olowodola.

It is however pertinent that we set the records straight, the issues that generated into a mere exchange of words and misunderstandings between Kingsley Ogah and Mrs Funmilayo were basically that of transportation issue and was never a disagreement among attendees on the issues discussed, the issues discussed were mainly on how to further explore all available genuine reconciliatory channels to settle all Kogi APC intra party interests ahead of the Governorship election.

For the sponsors of the rancorous story to distort the truth about what actually transpired is to be mild, wicked and unreasonable.

The story is the fragment of the writer’s imagination. We are also aware that the efforts of those who were sponsored by agents of the candidate of another party, to spread malicious falsehood about the forum and its meeting, lack the weight to cause any serious damage. The meeting was resolute.

The resolve of Kogi West APC Progressives, not to engage in anti-party but to work for the success of the party and it’s candidate was clear without any form of ambiguity. No lies published on any platform will change this resolution.

Moreso, its completely outrageous for the writer to have falsely claim that Hon Faleke who was not even present at the meeting had received a whopping sum of a billion naira from Governor Bello. We wish to state that throughout the meeting hours, nobody accused the leadership of the forum or Hon. Faleke of collecting any money, so anyone who is spreading such a rumour with the aim of causing disaffection is wicked and has failed already.

There is no iota of truth to these allegations of taking money from the Governor for whatsoever reasons. The accusation was “staged, sponsored, disjointed” and it was deliberately released to “affect the anticipated quantum of APC votes in the coming November guber election”.

The Kogi West progressives have also decided to file a criminal case against any individual found wanting on defamation of character to mischievously portray Hon. Faleke and any member of the group in an inappropriate conduct henceforth.

Let it be clear that any attempt to cause division within our group in Kogi West will fail on arrival. Hon. Faleke is a man of proven integrity. He has been spending his personal resources, since 2015, to pursue the collective goals of the group.

The detractors who are out to malign him have, severally, benefited from him. They sing praises when they are offered food and also, in the same manner, sing crucification when they are hungry. Anyone who labours to smear Hon. Faleke’s name or the name of any leader of our forum, labours in vain.

While the Kogi West Progressives continue to explore all available reconciliatory moves, we wish to assure the good people of Kogi State that Hon. Faleke will remain focus and continue with laudable programmes that will add value to the lives of the people of Kogi State.

– Alamoh Kehinde Samuel
For: Kogi West Progressives Stakeholders

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