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Heat Wave, Congress, National Parks: Your Wednesday Evening Briefing



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Good evening. Here’s the latest.

1. Get out the fans, seek cool refuge and drink plenty of water: A heat wave is about to affect millions of people across the U.S.

Dangerously high temperatures are forecast from Oklahoma to New England through the weekend. The middle of the country will see the worst of it: Kansas could hit 102 degrees.

The operative term: “heat dome,” a large area of scorching temperatures trapped by high pressure atmospheric conditions. Above, visitors keep cool under misters at the Phoenix Zoo.

6. Caution: The following story may break your heart.

It’s the tale of a migrant family that spans three U.S. presidential administrations — all of which debated but did not deliver a wide-ranging legal solution for migrant labor.

Heydi Gámez Garcia lost her grandfather to gang violence in Honduras and, at age 9, was sent to live with her aunts in New York. Her father’s promise to join her kept her going for four years, but he was repeatedly detained at the border. Last week, distraught over his latest detention, she tried to hang herself.

Doctors have declared her brain-dead. Her father has finally been allowed to be with her, to say goodbye. He plans to take her off life support on Thursday.

“All my dreams are in her heart,” he said. “All of them are gone with her.”



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