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#GCFRNG Beauty: 7 Mistakes to avoid when Contouring



Contouring is a part of make up. Though it is not compulsory, if perfected, it makes the facebeat come out flawless. One has to be skillful when contouring less you come out looking like a clown.

Find below 7 contouring mistakes to avoid to ensure your make up comes out flawless:

1. Don’t choose shades that are too dark.

Instead use a shade that is only one or two shades darker than your skin tone.

2. Don’t over highlight

Highlighting wrongly can mar your entire look.. Highlighters are meant to enhance facial features, when it becomes too much, the whole essence is defeated.

3. Stop mismatching products

Mixing products can affect the contouring process e.g mixing a powder highlighter and a cream contour highlighter gives a cakey look.Instead match products with products, liquids with liquids, creams with creams and powders with powders.

4. Ignoring your face shape

When you focus on the wrong parts of your face, you get the wrong result.  For heart shaped faces, focus on the sides of your cheekbones, temples, foreheads and tip of your chin. For round faces, focus on your forehead along your temples, below the cheekbones and your jawlines. For square faces, focus on your forehead, below your cheekbones and under the jawlines. Oval faces should focus on the forehead, area below the cheekbones and the ears to the middle of the cheeks.

5. You use the wrong tools for application

Rather than using your fingers, use a makeup blender.

6. You focus on one spot

You skip out blending and focus on just one spot. Blending is very important when contouring. Diffuse your makeup products and make up blenders to get the best results.

7. Not using a setting spray

You have to set your face with setting spray to avoid smearing, smudging and rubbing out before the end of the day or night.



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