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Why we are repositioning National Park Service, by Goni | GCFRNG



The Conservator General of NPS, Ibrahim Goni. Photo/ TWITTER/keturahbwala

After four years of low morale, the management of National Park Service (NPS) has urged its officers to uncover hidden treasure that would enhance effective service delivery to Nigerians.

Conservator General of NPS, Ibrahim M. Goni, in a statement in Abuja, disclosed that it has become imperative to add value to the service and take the seven national parks in the country to the next level.

He said NPS would reposition the parks to drive home the inclusive administration and make its men work towards attracting foreign and local tourists for patronage.

According to him, Dr. Agboola Okeyoyin is now at Fiscal Planning, Procurement and Accounts Units, while the Assistant Conservator General, Yakubu M. Kolo, is to oversee planning research, ICT, works and maintenance.

“Conservator of Okomu National Park, Ahmed Abdullahi, is at headquarters as Head of Park Co-ordination Division, while Conservator of Old Oyo National Park, O. C Oladipo, as Head of Research and Scientific Services Division, among others,” he stated.


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