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The Hijab Dancer And The Demolition Of Caramelo Night Club In Abuja – Akowe Fred



A lot of posts has been made on social media in the last two weeks with regards to an event that took place at a night club in the federal capital Territory. This singular event brought about so many other things.

First was the raiding of a popular night club called CARAMELO, located at the Utako district of the federal capital Territory and the arresting of many people whom where supposed customers of the said club by the officers of the Nigerian police force.

Subsequently, the Club was demolished.

The Event that brought all of this will be pointed out later on. But first, let’s talk on the allocation of the land and what happened later.

The initial allocation of the land was for Medical center that is to carter for the people within that region on the Abuja Master plan.

But according to my source in AGIS, the owner or the person who bought the land, applied for a change of use to allow him to build seat out and refreshment center which was APPROVED by the agencies involved, i.e both Abuja Development Control and AGIS are in the know of this.

Now let’s get to why I think they demolished this place.

A week before the demolition, if you recall, the picture of the hijab dancer went viral on social media. And people around the Abuja vicinity and Nigeria at large had one or two things to say about it.

I frowned at it myself because of the sensitivity of the Hijab as a garment.

This I believe was the main reason why the search for where the dancer took that photo went on, eventually, it was found.

My conclusion: the club demolition has some religious undertones,

Here is why.

In as much as we see Abuja to be a civil community and the capital of Nigerian, Abuja is still northern Nigeria and Northerners do have some set rules regarding how things are done in their land based on the belief system largely aligning with the Islamic doctrine.
And can go to any lent to destroy anything that they feel says contrary to their beliefs even if other climes and religion permits it.

Things like beer pallors, whine shops where alcohol are sold publicly, night clubs, strippers club are seen as a deterrent to holy living and so some EXTREME Islamic states do not allow it.

This also is largely spreading to other neighboring commercial cities close to the northern settlements that initially ought to be a commercial city with a high tolerance for other user beliefs and ways of life.

This is not the first time a club is been demolished in Abuja. If u remember VEGAS night club in Gwarinpa, It was closed down for a similar but different reason.

I believe when Caramelo night club was known to be the place where the Hijab dancer took that photo, research was done on who owns the land and equally needed what to hang him with.

So good and easy for them, the found out that there was a change of land use attached to the initial allocation.

I believe that the change of land use was revoked which made it easy for them to first of all raid the place with the police arresting unarmed innocent Nigerians in their tens and subsequently demolishing the building and withdrawing the C of O (certificate of Occupancy) belonging to the owner for unlawful change of use.

So this brings me to this question.

Was the Hijab dancer photo not the reason for the demolition? Giving that there are other night clubs in Abuja where strippers dance to entertain their client.

I live u to judge…

Akowe Fred Oma Jummai

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