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GCFRNG’s relationship columnist, Tinu Agbabiaka celebrates 23rd wedding anniversary



Certified relationship counsellor, Tinu Agbabiaka and her husband, Oriyomi, on Wednesday, celebrated their 23rd wedding anniversary.

A trained lawyer and author, Tinu has been ecstatic about having come this far in marriage.

She took to her Instagram page to post a series of pictures from the photoshoot the lovebirds took in celebration and revealed the words which her husband woke her with early on Wednesday.

She wrote: “He woke me up with “I bless the day I met you”.

She then went on to narrate how and what transpired the day they met.

She continues: “Hmmmmm, I remember that day like yesterday. I had gone with a friend and her boyfriend as he wanted to give us a treat. He had boasted that his friend owned a place where we would eat the best Chicken & Chips.

“We got there and his friend comes out to welcome us and upon sighting me, said “I am going to marry you”. My friend immediately whispered in my ear” don’t mind him, he is married”. I dismissed him immediately and went ahead to eat the most delicious Chicken & Chips I have had to date🤣.

“I later discovered that he wasn’t married but was in a long term relationship that they had just done a mini & informal “Momi nmo e” the previous week. Same difference in my opinion. I wasn’t interested. He pursued me relentlessly

“…relentlessly. He did not allow me rest. When I told him to go away, he refused. He said he had waited for someone like me all his life and he wasn’t going to let go now (lies that men usually tell girls when pursuing them😂). I wasn’t interested….i knew about lies and had believed a few😁. But he didn’t relent. He didn’t lie, he was real and still is real. That’s my hubby- super passionate, loving, protective, caring, annoying sometimes🤣🤣🤣 but I’ll take him any day anytime. Not perfect, neither am I- ONLY GOD IS PERFECT. I am grateful to God for redirecting this blessing to me. OLUWA ESEUN.”

Mrs Agbabiaka, who is also a mother of three, is a relationship literature writer and the Head of Practical Christian Living Initiative, an NGO whose core focus is to encourage strong and wholesome relationships both in the home and in the public arena.


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