10 Best Project Management Tools

Are you into software development and need the best tools for your projects? Do you need help streamlining the best tools for your team? Through this post, we will discuss the list of 10 Best Project Management Tools. We do not only tell you the tools but also their features, pros and cons. We also talked about Introduction to Project Management Tools and Features of Project Management Tools. As well as Classification of Project Management Tools according to use and the Types.

Picking a project management tool for you and your team can be a difficult task because of the numerous options there are. However, if you indeed calm down to study the types we have, you would easily find one that suits you. We have put this article together to help you make a definite decision and stand by it. It is also important that you note that every software on this article can be accessed freely as well. We shall now take you through everything you need to know about Project management tools.

Introduction to Project Management Tools

A Project Management Tool is basically software that aids the centralization, planning, organization and management of projects. It helps project managers properly collaborate and track progress of their projects. In addition to this, it also helps them manage their projects as well as write reports concerning the project. Project Management tools are basically AI for Project managers as it reducing the burden on them. Where naturally, a project manager would have to have different documents tracking his progress, he can just get a software. This software would do automatically everything a project manager would have done manually and also faster.

The first project management tool to ever exist was developed in 1896 by Kajol Adamiecki. This design came about when the man in question wanted to display task development on floating charts. However, his design was soon replaced by Henry Gantt in 1912. Project Management eventually began to be relevant in 1968. Its sole purpose was calculating project duration, monitoring tasks as well as evaluating quality. Over time, project management tools started doing a lot more and also advanced with technology.

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Features of Project Management Tools

The major features of Project Management Tools are;

  • It aids in project planning as it allows teams create project plans and defines the project.
  • These tools offer a way to enable teams stay connected to each other even if they’re not in the same place.
  • Project Management tools aids in keeping track of team progress as well as identifying issues.
  • With project management tools, the team can stay informed about the status of their project.
  • It enabled team members track the amount of time they spend on tasks as well as know when they’re making progress.
  • These tools aids in tracking project budgets and expenses of team members.
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Classification of Project Management Tools according to use.

Although there are several types of project management tools, however, they all serve different purposes. Some of these tools are better than others in certain areas. They include;

  • For Competent development teams: ClickUp
  • To startup on a tight budget: Monday.com
  • To access collaboration tools: Asana
  • For interrogations: Zoho Projects
  • Best for content creators: Notion
  • For workflow automation: Smartsheet
  • Perfect for data-driven companies: Airtable
  • Best for AI features: Wrike
  • For product development teams: Jura
  • Best for service providers that deal with clients: Teamwork

Types of Project Management Tools

There are four major types of project management tools. They are:

  1. Task Management Tools
  2. Collaboration Tools
  3. Project Planning Tools
  4. Resource Management Tools

10 Best Project Management Tools

Having looked at what Project Management Tools entails as well as it’s features, we shall now look at the best there is. The good thing about having variety is the beauty of choice. As there are several Project Management tools, you can make your pick based on what you need the software for. We will also discuss the pros, cons and feature of each tool we mention. Keep reading this post as we bring you the 10 Best Project Management Tools.


This particular software is quite the people’s pick because of its appealing nature as well as its exploration of fun. Trello is easy, free and very flexible this helping you to easily manage your projects and also organize it. This software is a free management tool however its Business class requires users to pay $9.99 monthly. In addition to this, it has its own administration and security features and also file attachment space.


  1. It is easy to operate and navigate.
  2. Trello consistently updates you on how to best run the software as well as provide helpful tips.
  3. With Trello, you don’t necessarily have to discard your current working tools.


  1. Because of how easy it is, people often get overwhelmed with the number of choices it has.
  2. Trello can not generate reports. The teams have to do that manually.


If as a project manager, you are more focused on an effective organized team, then Asana is the best tool for you. Asana is a project management tool that aids teams in the organization and management of their work. Users of Asana can be in the payment plan of one of 4 tiers; Basic, Premium, Business and Enterprise. While Basic is a free management tools, users of Premium however pay $10.99 monthly to unlock certain features. Business users pay $24.99 monthly and get cool features like Adobe Creative as well as Cloud integration. Enterprise is the biggest tier amongst and for this plan, you contact Asana directly.


  • This management tool offer multiple resources
  • There is also a very huge focus on tracking
  • With Asana, you can get a to do list to manage big projects.


  • It lacks security features
  • Unlike other tools, its Kanban view is limited.


This particular project management software is considered the most reliable for larger projects. Teams that make use of this tool end up becoming better, more productive as well as very organized. Basecamp has an option that lets you make use of the software for free for an amount of time. Afterwards, you have to transit to Business tier where you pay $99 monthly and also unlock several features.


  • Everything you need to manage a project is all in one place.
  • It also contains a group chat option thereby eliminating the need for a separate software for messages.
  • Basecamp is a very trusted and tested tool


  • It is quite expensive.


This is a tool that allows you better collaborate with teams in any business. It is cloud-based and was designed by Wrike, Inc. Smaller teams can make use of this tool free of cost if they have a maximum of 5 users only. However, to unlock the Enterprise version, you need to personally request for it.


  • Small teams can use it for free
  • It is available in multiple languages as well as French, German, Japanese, Spanish etc.


  • Everything on this tool is broken in tasks.

Gantt Chart

Although often compared with Microsoft project, Gantt Chart mostly illustrates project schedule as well as its element. It helps its users to quickly create a structured schedule for any project while managing it as well. Gantt Chart has 4 different subscription plans. A single user pays a monthly fee of $15 and for 5 people it’s a sun of $7.90 monthly. Also 10 members are to pay $6.90 monthly and 15 users $5.90 monthly.


  • It aids in the organization of activities as well as allocate tasks into logical groups.
  • Indicates the date when the task begins and when it ends
  • Keeps track of projects and give an overview.


  • Can not be used for large projects
  • Has no indication of task dependency.

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This is a tracking software that allows you manage tasks, time sheets, documents and expenses. It is a complete project management solution perfect for individuals, teams as well as business enterprises. AceProject has a very payment plan starting from the 100% free package to the $99 a month deal. It is made up of Basic, Standard, Advanced, Silver and Gold.

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  • There is a free version that has the Best features
  • Manages timesheets, projects and tasks
  • It is quite easy to use as well as collaborate and assign tasks.


  • It doesn’t have an update feature
  • The module is different from PMBOK framework.


It is a cloud-based project management tool that has swift interface for easy understand and collaboration. ProofHub lets you assign specific roles to people and access to the tool is given according to your assigned role. ProofHub has two variants and they have different prices. The Essential is a variant with unlimited user access and 40  projects at a cost of $50 monthly. However, Ultimate Control has unlimited user access as well as unlimited projects and costs $99 monthly.


  • Can be used to customize and has different color scheme and fonts
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows
  • You can also retrieve deleted project items


  • It is impossible to tag people in comment
  • Doesn’t work well with complex projects


Built for industries and teams of all sizes, ClickUp is a tool very focused on efficient task Management. If you want to keep your design and development in one place, then this is the best tool for you. ClickUp has 2 payment options, Free and Premium. The free version has unlimited user access, u unlimited tasks but 100MB storage. However, Premium has unlimited user access, unlimited tasks, integrations and advanced reporting for $5 monthly.


  • Ability to give project reports
  • It can assign comments
  • Manages tasks dependencies as it comes with Gantt chart
  • It has a powerful and easy access to to do lists and reminders


  • Does not have an internal chat function.


A tried and tested tool, WorkZone has been in the market since 2000 and I’d a direct approach to project management. Just like other software, WorkZone also has different pricing Options. Thus you can choose a Plan accordingly to your requirements and the features available.


  • It can filter by task and project
  • Sends an email it your tasks every morning with notification


  • Has limitations to project requests
  • Only admin can view templates and edit them.


We have looked at the types of project management tools we have as well as its categories. In addition to this, we also analyzed what tool would be best for different operations you seek to carry out. Follow our website and leave a comment for more information.

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